VSL 维也纳发布新的同步打击乐音色 Synchron Percussion III
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From Classical to Latin
Synchron Percussion III is the third and last installment in a series of exquisite instruments, recorded in an extraordinary environment where classic acoustics, groundbreaking technology and professional experience create the perfect formula for excellence.
All instruments of this collection were recorded with a multi-microphone setup in Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna, giving you all the sonic flexibility you can imagine in a percussion library, from pure and pristine touches to heavily processed outbursts.​

Synchron Percussion III是一系列精致乐器中的第三部也是最后一部,在优秀的环境中录制,经典的声学、开创性的技术和专业经验创造了卓越的虚拟乐器。
这一系列的所有乐器都是在维也纳Synchron Stage的Stage A使用多麦克风录制的,为您提供了打击乐音色库中能够想象到的所有音响灵活性,从最原始的干净声音到经过严格处理的创意迸发。


UVI 升级 Falcon 合成器引擎以及原厂音色库到 2.5
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Falcon 是 UVI 的旗舰合成器工作站引擎,不但可以读取 UVI 的音色,而有很多专门的扩展音色库。
Falcon 已经升级到 v2.5,增加了新的功能,并且带来了非常值得入手的促销。

Since Falcon’s initial release we have been committed to keeping it fresh and innovative.
Listening to our user’s experience and feedback, we regularly add new factory content, modules, enhanced functionality and optimizations for FREE.​

自从 Falcon 最初发布以来,我们一直致力于保持它的新鲜感和创新性。


Falcon 2.5 ships with over 100 new factory presets.
New presets are divided into 5 categories including Lo-Fi, Retrowave, Sequence Exploration, Rain Sequencer, and MS-inspired, which uses a selection of all-new wavetables created on the classic MS monosynth.​

Falcon 2.5配备了100多个新的原厂预置。
Toontrack 发布 SD3 新扩展鼓组 Fields of Rock SDX
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七套鼓组套件囊括了从 70 年代到今天的摇滚鼓的精髓。

The Fields of Rock SDX features seven drum kits and a comprehensive collection of percussion instruments
recorded by multiple award-winning engineer/producer/mixer Tom Dalgety
(Ghost, Rammstein, Pixies, Royal Blood) and drummer Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung).
It was captured at Rockfield, the Welsh dairy farm-turned-into-studio that ended up leaving colossal footprints in
its now-fifty-year-long path through music history.​

该摇滚 SDX 风格有七套鼓组,并通过多次获奖的工程师/制作/混频器记录打击乐器
它是在 Rockfield 拍摄的,威尔士奶牛场变成了工作室,
This unlikely studio, to which bands like Queen, Rush, Judas Priest, Hawkwind
and many of their contemporaries in the 1970s pilgrimaged,
became a creative haven where some of the best rock songs of our time materialized.
But even beyond the heydays of classic rock, Rockfield has...​
Impact Soundworks 发布太鼓音色库 Kageyama Taikos
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KONTAKT平台的音色大厂牌 Impact Soundworks 发布了全新的太鼓音色库,看来这是为TSS的到来做好铺垫了!

Kageyama Taikos
Taikos have been an essential part of traditional Japanese music for thousands of years.
Their deep, resonant, yet crisp sound is unmistakable, whether played solo or as part of a massive ensemble.
In the last century, their prominence has risen far beyond the borders of Japan, appearing in major film & television scores, video game soundtracks, and international events.
We wanted to devote a sample library entirely to taiko, with several accompanying percussive instruments, played by a master to open up as many options for inspiration as possible.​

Kageyama 太鼓
We brought these drums out of the more common ensemble or concert hall setting, focusing...​
Musical Sampling 发布影视风格鼓与声音设计音色 Renegade
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What's Included:
• Drums + Sound Design
• Kick, snare, cross stick, rimshot, three toms, ride (with crash), ride bell, two crashes, hihats, synced live hihat grooves (three recorded tempos – 90 / 120 / 140 BPM)
• 31 multi-genre playable sound design patches​

鼓 + 声音设计
同步现场踩镲槽(三个录制的节奏 – 90 / 120 / 140 BPM)
31 个多通道可播放的声音设计音色组
• Simple and intuitive mix interface
• Four interchangeable “baked-in” mix presets
• Live eighth-note hi-hat grooves recorded at 90 / 120 / 140 BPM that sync to your DAW’s tempo
• Crossfadeable hi-hat grooves (fades between four different hi-hat states; from tight to all-open)
• Groove Speed control (Half/Normal/Double)
• Adjustable Humanization feature (Off/Tight/Natural/Loose)
• Assignable Kontakt outputs for each drum group
• Reverb control for respective sound design patches
• CC assignment option for...​
LiquidSonics Reverberate 升级到 v3.2,并赠送 Lexicon PCM 91 采样扩展
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Reverberate 3 是以口碑著称的混响插件世家 LiquidSonics 发布的高性价比采样混响插件,
这一波除开升级了新功能,还为用户带来了一套新的扩展采样库,它来自于著名的 Lexicon PCM 91硬件混响。

Reverberate has been updated to v3.2, it's available to download right now from the downloads page!
In this update you will find a new contouring tab. It is perfect for simple reverb time editing jobs that before required the use of envelopes and cropping tools.
What's more it's now a cinch to dial in those high and low reverb time adjustments above and below crossovers as you are already familiar doing in regular algorithmic reverbs to tame low rumble or turn up the sizzle of a reverb's frequency high decay.​

Reverberate 已经更新到3.2版,现在可以从下载页面下载。(注:本文末尾会提供百度网盘)...​
福利 MonsterDAW 推出免费贝斯合成器 Monster Bass
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It's a FREE BASS VST with 3 sound categories (Synth Bass, Electric Bass, and Acoustic Bass)
suitable for any music genre and for all Music Arrangers and Music Producers!​

这是一个免费的 BASS VST,具有 3 种声音类别(合成贝司、电贝司和原声贝司),

Monster Bass is a complete Bass solution for the Low Frequency that your music needs!

It’s a FREE BASS VST with 3 sound categories (Synth Bass, Electric Bass, and Acoustic Bass)
suitable for any music genre and for all Music Arrangers and Music Producers!

It’s a ROMpler VST, meaning it’s a simple sampler without too many parameters,
just a simple and basic one like Filter, ADSR, Glide knob, and a simple LFO!​


Monster Bass 是针对您的音乐所需的低频的完整低音解决方案!

这是一个免费的 BASS VST,具有 3 种声音类别(合成贝司、电贝司和原声贝司),

它是一个 ROMpler VST,意味着它是一个简单的采样器,没有太多参数,
只是一个简单而基本的采样器,例如 Filter、ADSR、Glide 旋钮和一个简单的 LFO!...​
Vochlea 更新语音转 MIDI 插件:Dubler 2
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立即将您的语音转变成 MIDI

Make more of the music you love, without having to worry about how to get your ideas into your DAW.
Dubler 2 transforms your voice into a real-time MIDI controller,
allowing you to write music at the speed of thought.
If you can sing it, beatbox it, hum it, or whistle it— now you can play it.​

制作更多您喜爱的音乐,而不必担心如何将您的想法融入您的 DAW。
Dubler 2 将您的声音转换为实时 MIDI 控制器,


1. Quickly sketch out musical ideas
Got a melody in your head, but don’t know how to play it? Instead of recording your latest melody in a voice note,
you can now hum, or sing that idea straight into your DAW with real-time voice-to-MIDI notation.​

1. 快速勾勒出音乐创意
您现在可以使用实时语音到 MIDI 符号哼唱或直接在 DAW 中唱出这个想法。
W. A. Production 发布智能 MIDI 创作工具 InstaComposer
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Sometimes inspiration comes at you thick and fast... but sometimes not.
Instacomposer is your saviour when creativity runs dry, or when you just need your talent topped up.
This MIDI generation plugin can conjure melody, rhythm, bass, pads and chords at the click of a button
- all using artificial intelligence to create genuinely useful and musical riffs.
This is the next step in automatic composition, using a complex algorithm to determine notes, harmonies and chords based on your personal preferences.
With this much composing power at your fingertips, you’ll never be stuck in a musical rut again.​

当创造力枯竭时,或者当您只需要发挥您的才能时,Instacomposer 是您的救星。
这个 MIDI 生成插件可以通过点击一个按钮来召唤旋律、节奏、低音、垫和和弦
Artificial Intelligence
The backbone of Instacomposer is a behind-the-scenes...​
Softube 发布 Neve 风格通道条建模插件 British Class A
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Neve 通道条(自定义版本)Softube 已将其建模成为插件,名为 British Class A。

The British Console Sound is famous. You can hear its sweet and musical quality on hit records spanning more than five decades from artists such as Queen, Nirvana, David Bowie, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
When mix engineers need this unmistakable body, depth, and silky sweet top-end on individual tracks and busses, our British Class A channel strip is the one to grab.​

当混音工程师需要这款独特的躯壳、深度和丝绸般甜美的顶级音色带入到音轨时,我们的 British Class A 通道条就是最好的选择。
We modeled Gate, Compressor, EQ, Filters, and Drive on some of the most sought-after and costly console modules in existence using our renowned emulation methodology.
The result is the authentic tone and character of the classic British consoles with superb sound quality and four flexible formats: native plug-in, Console 1 channel strip, and Amp...​
Softube 发布谐波饱和处理器建模插件 Overstayer M-A-S
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Overstayer M-A-S 是一款模拟谐波饱和染色硬件,Softube 已将其建模成为插件。

Handmade in Los Angeles by Jeff Turzo, Overstayer is something of an underground phenomenon.
Turzo started out making gear for his personal use, but word of his exceptional designs spread like gossip down Sunset, and in 2009, Turzo gave the people what they wanted.
Overstayer Recording Equipment was born and created a near-fanatical following amongst the in-the-know pro audio crowd.​

Jeff Turzo 在洛杉矶手工制作的 Overstayer 是不公开的。
Turzo 一开始是为自己制造设备,但他的精湛设计就像流言一样在日落时分传开了,2009年,Turzo 给了人们他们想要的东西。
Overstayer 录音设备诞生了,并在知情的专业音频人群中拥有了狂热的追随者。
Our Overstayer M-A-S plug-ins offer the same saturation and peak-bending capabilities as the hardware in two new, enhanced versions: the do-it-all guru M-A-S and the tone-sculpting Svengali M-A-S Extended.
Masterfully modeled, the harmonic shaping duo is a professional mix engineer’s secret weapon for adding energy to...​
Zero-G 发布现代配乐合成器音色库 ELEMENTS
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Zero-G Ethera 的创作者 Stefano Maccarelli 制作了一款新的现代配乐作曲用途的合成器 KONTAKT 音色库。

From the creator of the award winning Ethera series Stefano Maccarelli, Zero-G ELEMENTS is an all-new, stupendously large, and powerful Kontakt Instrument.
A unique new tool for creating contemporary soundtracks, cinematic music, underscoring and sound design.​

来自获奖的 Ethera 系列的创作者 Stefano Maccarelli,Zero-G Elements 是一个全新且强大的 Kontakt 音色库。
All the samples included in Elements were created by recording organic sources, acoustic instruments, and particular environments.​

Elements 中包含的所有采样都是通过录制原始的声源、声学乐器和特定的环境来开发的。
Providing you with 3 powerful Layers, Elements is a unique wavetable Hybrid Synth.
It has a huge wave-rom of over 23Gb and comes with an incredible array of useful sounds specifically developed for sound designers, and soundtrack...​
福利 Evolution Series 提供免费的KONTAKT音色库 Clar-Duduk
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Evolution Series 的另一个系列:Colors 系列,第一个产品是都都克笛音色库 Clar-Duduk,此产品免费为大家提供。

World Colors Clar-Duduk
Welcome to our first 'Colors' entry 'Clar-Duduk'. Clar-Duduk is a cross between a clarinet and the Armenian Duduk.
Its warm worldly tones set in motion the beginning of a broader goal to see what could be created with minimal kontakt scripting.
The key to this experiment was to have a little bit of fun in the studio and push the sonic mojo to 11!​

欢迎来到我们的第一个 Colors 栏目 Clar-Duduk。Clar-Duduk 是单簧管和亚美尼亚 Clar-Duduk 的混合体。
Inspire to Create
This instrument is not part of a bigger library. It was created as an experiment to inspire the idea that anyone can create a fun and useful instrument for Kontakt with out any...​
Evolution Series 发布马头琴和呼麦音色库 Chronicles Bukhu
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Evolution Series 发布了编年史系列的第二套音色库,居然是来自于蒙古族的马头琴和呼麦人声。

Evolution Series presents Chronicles Bukhu
In collaboration with Mongolian composer and one of a kind talent Bukhu Ganburged Evolution Series introduces another chapter of inspiring sounds.
With state-of-the-art equipment, a world-class scoring stage they recorded voice and horse fiddle.
This combination of movement and textural based performances evokes a raw and human quality.
The beauty of Bukhu’s voice matched with horse fiddle opens a doorway to the early 13th century.​

Evolution Series 新成员:编年史系列 Bukhu
Evolution Series 与天才蒙古作曲家 Bukhu Ganburged 合作,开启了令人振奋的声音新篇章。
Bukhu 美妙的嗓音配上马头琴,打开了通往 13 世纪初的大门。


Product Highlights:
Modern clean UI
Movement and textural-based performances...​
Cherry Audio 发布磁带回声插件 Stardust 201 Tape Echo
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建模经典合成器大厂 Cherry Audio 这次对一款经典的效果器下手了,它复制了经典的磁带回声机器 Roland RE-201。

Echoes Of The Past
Stardust 201 Tape Echo is a hot-rodded interpretation of the classic Roland "Space Echo" tape echo effects of the 70s and 80s.
Compared to earlier tape echoes, they represented a giant leap in reliability and sound quality.
With solidly built tape-transport mechanisms and the inclusion of a spring reverb and chorus effects in some models, the Space Echo was truly groundbreaking with its fantastic variety of sound colors.​

Stardust 201 Tape Echo 是对七八十年代经典罗兰 Space Echo 磁带回声效果的热情复现。
凭借坚固的磁带传输机制,以及在一些型号中加入了弹簧混响和合唱效果,Space Echo 以其奇妙的各种音色表达了声音的开创性。


Stardust precisely recreates the limited fidelity and stability of audio tape, providing a natural rolloff of bass and treble...​
Slate Digital 板岩发布全新的音高修正插件 MetaTune
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Slate Digital 板岩也涉足音高修正领域,发布了音高修正新插件 MetaTune。

MetaTune hits harder than other tuners by letting you dive into negative retuning speeds.
Create breathtaking arrangements with Groups—change one instance of MetaTune, you change them all.
And it’s super easy to use even if you don’t know chords and scales, so you’ll be creating epic tracks within minutes.
MetaTune is the automatic tuner you didn’t know you were waiting for.​

MetaTune 通过更高效率的工作,比其他音高修正插件更能节省时间。
使用 Groups 创建令人震惊的全局修正——更改 MetaTune 的一个实例,您就可以将它们全部更改。
MetaTune 是您不需要等待的自动音高修正效果器。
Say goodbye to buggy, expensive automatic tuners. MetaTune is the world’s hardest hitting tuner EVER.
Get insane robo fx with negative speeds, a gorgeous interface that’s easy to use, and cool new features like Grouped instances & a built-in Doubler for wide, thick vocals.
From subtle, natural pitch adjustments to...​
Antares 发布自动调谐采样器 Auto Tune Slice
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Antares 发布自动调谐采样器 Auto Tune Slice,这是一款专用于人声的采样器。

A hybrid of a precision sampler and flexible synthesizer, Auto-Tune Slice is more than just a sampler.
It’s a dimension of infinite musical expression where you can play voices like instruments and turn endless samples into songs.​

Auto-Tune Slice 是精密采样器和灵活合成器的混合体,不仅仅是一个采样器。


Many Choices For Many Voices
Optimized for vocals—but equally powerful for beats and instruments—turn any sample into a playable instrument that automatically maps to your controller.​

Auto-Tune At the Core
Auto-Tune Slice is the only sampler in the world with Auto-Tune baked into its DNA.
UJAM 更新摇滚虚拟吉他手音色 Virtual Guitarist IRON 2
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UJAM 更新了虚拟吉他手 IRON 2,这是虚拟吉他手系列中用于摇滚失真风格的 IRON 的第2代。

UJAM announce the release of IRON 2.0: The first major update of Virtual Guitarist IRON, a completely overhauled and improved guitarist.
The update fulfills the most-requested features like Instrument Mode, for composing custom riffs, and pre-/post-amp effects.
Also the entire sound content has been newly recorded and amp models overhauled to extend IRON’s genre spectrum towards heavier styles.​

UJAM 宣布更新 Iron 2.0:这是虚拟吉他手Iron的第一次重大更新,它将成为一个经过彻底改进的吉他手。
此外,整个音色内容都是新录制的,放大器的型号也进行了大更新,以将 IRON 的声音扩展到更重型的风格。
IRON is suitable for all levels of music production experience. Seasoned musicians and composers will be impressed with its sound quality.
Beginners will appreciate the frustration-free design speeding up workflows and enhancing the creative process.​

福利 Waves 官方福利 免费领取 Sibilance 仅限24小时
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Waves 官方福利 免费领取 Sibilance 仅限24小时 (加利福尼亚时间 9月30日)

由Waves创新的有机再合成(Organic ReSynthesis®)技术提供支持,




无论是跟踪还是混音、人声或配音 — 都可以快速,可靠,轻松地获得理想的人声。

Waves Sibilance功能:
  • 专为人声和配音设计的聪明、快速、强大的去嘶声效果器
  • 平滑、无毛刺地去除刺耳的“s”音,这是前所未有的
  • 在不增加人声音轨音染的情况下处理信号的嘶嘶声部分
  • 易于使用的阈值和灵敏度控制
  • 使用Waves的有机再合成(Organic ReSynthesis®)技术驱动的创新型sibilance探测器
  • Sibilance检测图可帮助您可视化“s”的减少量
  • 可变范围模式:从宽带到分频带处理

点击蓝色的 [ GET SIBILANCE ] 按钮,填写一份调查问卷,6个问题,填完即可。
福利 免费领取插件联盟 Plugin-Alliance 电平表插件 bx_meter
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插件联盟送福利了,一个电平表插件 bx_meter,虽然平时靠送代金券已经……但是这回没门槛。