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KV331 Audio 升级 SynthMaster 系列合成器至 v2.9.12 支持 NKS

SynthMaster 系列也已经支持 NKS 和 VST3 了,这意味着用户可以在 NI KOMPLETE KONTROL 中使用高级功能预听和调制音色了,
这次升级除开支持 NKS 之外,还更新了上百个出厂预设。


We have exciting news to share in our April newsletter!
We are proud to announce the latest v2.9.12 update for our SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster Player software synthesizers.​

我们有令人振奋的消息要在我们的 4 月时事通讯中分享!
我们很自豪地宣布 SynthMaster 2 和 SynthMaster Player 软件合成器的最新 v2.9.12更新。
This update brings 2 major new features:​

本次更新带来了 2 个主要的新功能:
1. Compatibility with Native Instruments' Native Kontrol Standard (NKS):
NKS allows SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster Player to be seamlessly integrated
with Native Instruments' Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware and software.​

1.与 Native Instruments 的Native Kontrol 标准(NKS)的兼容性:
NKS 允许 SynthMaster 2 和 SynthMaster Player 与 Native Instruments
的 Maschine 和 Komplete Kontrol 硬件和软件无缝集成。
2. Compatibility with VST3 format:
VST3 has been a longstanding feature request from SynthMaster users, and KV331 Audio finally managed to deliver it.
SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster Player can now run in VST3 format as well,
on Windows (64 bit Intel) and MacOS (64 bit Intel or Apple Silicon) platforms.
For SynthMaster One users, an update is on the way as well in the coming weeks.​

2.与 VST3 格式的兼容性:
VST3一直是SynthMaster用户长期以来的功能要求,KV331 Audio终于成功实现了。
SynthMaster 2 和 SynthMaster Player 现在也可以在 Windows(64 位 Intel)
和 MacOS(64 位 Intel 或 Apple Silicon)平台上以 VST3 格式运行。
对于 SynthMaster One 用户,未来几周也将进行更新。


Aside from those 2 major features, there are critical bug fixes/improvements in this release as well:
NEW: Added Auto Assign/Remove easy parameters feature
NEW: Modulation matrix entries can now grow as necessary (previous limit was 64 entries)
NEW: When a preset is loaded via MIDI Program Change, preset browser filter is now updated
NEW: Preset banks are now stored under Public Documents folder instead of user's Documents folder
NEW: Free version of SynthMaster Player now comes with 600 factory presets,
and can be downloaded at:
NEW: Demo version of SynthMaster 2 now comes with 1200 factory presets,
and can be downloaded at:
SynthMaster Player doesn't load FX Bypass parameters correctly
SynthMaster might stop responding to MIDI CC messages when it receives multiple CC messages
FIX: SynthMaster has inconsistencies displaying parameter values
FIX: Mono trigger doesn't work correctly for the very first note
FIX: 24 db/Oct digital HP/BP/BS filters don't work correctly​

除了这 2 个主要功能之外,此版本中还有一些重要的错误修复/改进:
新:调制矩阵条目现在可以根据需要增加(之前的限制是 64 个条目)
新:当通过 MIDI 程序更改加载预设时,现在会更新预设浏览器过滤器
新:SynthMaster Player 的免费版本现在带有 600 个出厂预设,
可在以下网址下载:https ://
新:SynthMaster 2 的演示版现在带有 1200 个出厂预设,
可在以下网址下载:https ://
SynthMaster Player 无法正确加载 FX 旁路参数
SynthMaster 在收到多个 CC 消息时可能会停止响应 MIDI CC 消息
FIX:SynthMaster 显示参数值不一致
FIX:24 db/Oct 数字 HP/BP/BS 滤波器无法正常工作