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LiquidSonics 更新 Cinematic Rooms Pro 1.2,加入动态控制
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Cinematic Rooms Professional 是混响至尊品牌 LiquidSonics 专为环绕声而设计的影视风格混响器插件,
在最近的半年间,LiquidSonics 为产品线开发了一种用于动态闪避的技术,现在已经为 Cinematic Rooms Pro 提供。

As part of our ongoing commitment to support LiquidSonics users we continue to add valuable, and often user requested, features to our reverb plugins at no additional cost.
The response to the introduction of dynamics processors in Seventh Heaven Professional and Illusion has been superb.
We’ve had a lot of requests to bring the feature to Cinematic Rooms Professional from owners eager to get in on the action!​

作为我们支持 LiquidSonics 用户的持续承诺的一部分,我们将继续为我们的混响插件带来有价值的且经常是用户要求的功能,而无需额外费用。
因为在 Seventh Heaven Professional 和 Illusion 中加入动态处理器的反应非常好。
我们收到了很多要求,希望将功能带入到 Cinematic Rooms Professional,大家渴望参与其中!
The free Cinematic Rooms Professional v1.2 update takes the gate introduced with these great plug-ins and adds them to our flagship surround reverb – with a little...​
AAS 发布 ULTRA ANALOG VA-3 电音扩展音色包 Tabby Dance
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物理建模插件大牌 AAS 的 ULTRA ANALOG VA-3 是一个著名的模拟合成器引擎,
Tabby Dance 是基于 VA-3 的最新扩展音色包,当然也可以脱离 VA-3 独立使用。

EDM sound pack for Ultra Analog VA-3
With Tabby Dance, resident sound designer Christian Laffitte proposes a collection of cutting edge sounds
covering the vast world of electronic dance music with style and substance.​

Ultra Analog VA-3 的 EDM 声音包
通过 Tabby Dance,签约声音设计师 Christian Laffitte 打造了一系列尖端音色,

Ranging from the 80's to the 21st century, Tabby Dance explores a wide array of EDM sub-genres such as Big Room, Techno, Progressive & Future House, Electro, PSY Trance, Futurepop, Dub, or Trap.
With its wide selection of basses, keys, pads, arpeggios, plucks, kicks, and snares—Tabby Dance curates an expertly crafted collection of 100 high-quality EDM staple and original sounds.​

从 80 年代到 21 世纪,Tabby Dance 探索了各种 EDM...​
Soundiron 发布 Rhodes Mark II 电钢采样音色库 Dusty Roads
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Soundiron 简直停不下来哎!今天又发布了一个全新的电钢采样音色库 Dusty Roads,
它采样了著名的经典电钢琴 Fender Rhodes Mark II,制成了一个 KONTAKT 非标音色库。

Dusty Roads captures the essence of a classic Fender Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano.
We recorded this vintage beauty in close stereo and direct line in, giving you total freedom to shape the tone and make it your own.
The end result is a naturally playable, great-sounding instrument that will come alive in your tracks,
with tons of sound-shaping options and expanded content to take this classic sound in new directions.​

Dusty Roads 捕捉了经典 Fender Rhodes Mark II 舞台电钢琴的精华。


This iconic model was one of the most popular in the legendary instrument line originated by Harold Rhodes...​
Arturia 宣布 V Collection 9 插件合集,新增大量音色和组件
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来自法国的行业巨头 Arturia 公司今天发布了旗下最令人瞩目的旗舰音色套装 V Collection 9,
这次更新带来了 4 款全新插件,以及 4 款老插件的重制,还有多达 14 套扩展音色库。

Reference instruments for music makers
A premium suite of professional software instruments ranging from modern hybrid synth engines to emulations of the most evocative instruments ever made,
enhanced for today’s production workflow.​


This is V Collection 9
Immerse yourself in the perfect music-making experience with essential tools and sounds to fit your flow.
33 instruments, thousands of world-class presets, and a creative experience like no other.​

这就是 V Collection 9
33 款音色插件,数以千计的超级预设,以及独一无二的创意体验。


Soundiron 发布入门级配乐标准音色库套装 Student Bundle
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Soundiron 又发新品了吗?哦不!这次不是新产品,是组织了一个新的套装:Student Bundle。
学生套装?其实就是入门套装的意思,内含 5 套 Soundiron 为配乐玩家准备的 KONTAKT 标准音色库精简版,

The Soundiron Student Bundle is a collection of 5 great virtual instrument libraries specially designed for music students,
hobbyists and pros that want to take some of our most popular ensembles for a spin before diving into our more advanced professional products.
This bundle includes our Hyperion Strings Micro orchestral string ensemble, Hyperion Brass Micro orchestral brass ensemble,
Olympus Choir Micro symphonic choral ensemble, Apocalypse Percussion Micro drum ensemble and Antidrum Machine,
a completely bonkers sound designer's goldmine packed with thousands of creative instruments, objects and acoustic sources.
Our Student Bundle has just about everything you need to start scoring today, all for an incredibly small price.
Owners of this bundle can also upgrade to the Elements and Full...​
Sonible 产品全线升级,现在已经原生支持苹果 M1 芯片
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Sonible 升级了所有产品,现在已经全面支持苹果 M1 芯片。
此外,热门的 Sonible Smart Limit 也开启了一个 6.9 折闪惠。

M1 native compatibility of our smart plug-ins
The latest updates of smart:EQ 3 (v1.2.0), smart:limit (v1.1.0), smart:comp (v1.2.0) and smart:reverb (v1.1.0)
now support Apple Silicon M1 natively.​

Sonible 的智能系列插件 M1 原生兼容性
smart:EQ 3 (v1.2.0)、smart:limit (v1.1.0)、smart:comp (v1.2.0) 和 smart:reverb (v1.1.0)
的最新更新现在原生支持 Apple Silicon M1。
No need for PACE license manager anymore
Never change a running system?
Nah, sometimes rethinking it makes it even better.
That’s why we have changed the configuration of our plug-ins with the PACE license manager.​

不再需要 iLok 授权管理器
这就是我们使用 iLok 授权管理器改变插件配置的原因。​

For all of you, who don’t use an iLok, there’s no need to have the PACE license manager installed anymore.
You can find more info...​
Toontrack 发布最新一代的虚拟鼓手 EZdrummer 3,现已开售!
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著名厂牌 Toontrack 现已经正式开始销售 EZdrummer 3,

Although EZdrummer 3 is new from top to bottom,
it’s firmly rooted in what has made its predecessor the world’s number one drum production tool for songwriters:
make adding drums to your music effortless, inspirational and intuitive.
Get ready for the songwriter’s ultimate drummer: EZdrummer 3.​

尽管 EZdrummer 3 从上到下都是全新的,
为作曲家的终极鼓手做好准备:EZdrummer 3 。
In EZdrummer 3, everything from sounds and grooves to software features and overall experience are new,
improved and more powerful.​

在 EZdrummer 3 中,从声音和律动到软件功能和整体体验的一切都是新的、改进的和更强大的。
Fully scalable and resizable graphical user interface.​


Boom Library 发布科幻影视音效素材包 Cinematic Expressions
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音效大牌 Boom Library 一个新的科幻风格音效包:Cinematic Expressions
分为两个部分:Construction Kit 素材套件和 Designed 声音设计包。

CINEMATIC EXPRESSIONS specifically extends the range of your trailer sound effects palette, it’s the impact without the impact.
It uses untold otherworldly sounds, transfusing the voids between hits and heavy impacts with spirited atmospheres and dynamic character.
Filling the gaps with BRAAMS, STINGERS, TAILS, WHOOSHES, and PINGS,
this essential library includes 19 GB of rich, beautifully rendered sound effects for your next trailer.​

CINEMATIC EXPRESSIONS 专门扩展了预告片音效配音的范围,这是一种不需要撞击而得到的撞击声。
内含 19 GB 的丰富、精美渲染的音效,供你的下一个大片使用。
VSL 维也纳发布同步管弦乐入门版 Synchron Prime Edition
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VSL 维也纳在前阵子发布完毕了同步系列管弦乐四大件后,果然不出预料,放出了四大件结合在一起的精选简化版,
这套 Synchron Prime Edition 就是集合了弦木铜打甚至还有竖琴的综合简化入门版本,价格相对来说还是便宜不少。

The Essential Synchron Orchestra
Superb performers from our Synchron Stage Orchestra
Coherent performances, authentic in every nuance
Extremely versatile, flexible and light on memory and CPU
Perfectly mixed with production-ready presets​

非常通用、轻量级的内存和 CPU 占用
Enter Vienna’s Synchron world with this powerful all-in-one package that provides you with everything you need to create stunning orchestral arrangements with breathtaking realism and pristine sound packed with emotion.
The Synchron Prime Edition gathers the essential instruments and articulations of our highly successful Synchron Series into one affordable and resource-saving collection that is easy to use, versatile and fun to play.​
Cherry Audio 发布 MiniMoog D 建模合成器插件 Minimode
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终于来了!没有 MiniMoog D 建模的模拟合成器世界是绝对不完整的!樱桃音频岂能放过?
Cherry Audio 宣布 5 月为 “Bob Moog 感恩月”,向 Robert A. Moog 博士致敬,带来 Minimode!

The Big Bang of Synths
Minimode is a painstaking virtual emulation of the granddaddy of all portable synthesizers, the legendary Minimoog Model D®.
Introduced in 1971, no other instrument is more associated with the word "synthesizer" than the iconic Minimoog - it's perhaps the best-known and loved analog synthesizer ever made.
Though its innards weren't identical to Moog's massive modular synths, it shared the thick, juicy, "fat" analog sound that remains unchallenged 50 years later!
It set the standard for future synthesizers, inspired whole new genres of music,
and defined the sound of artists as diverse as Kraftwerk, Herbie Hancock, Rick Wakeman, Pink Floyd, Parliament, Gary Numan, and countless others.​

Minimode 是所有便携式合成器的祖父,传奇的 Minimoog Model D® 的虚拟建模。
1971 年推出,没有其他乐器比标志性的 Minimoog...​
Plugin Alliance 插件联盟发布动态均衡插件 TOMO Audiolabs LISA
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插件联盟吸引新品牌 TOMO Audiolabs 发布一个新的建模动态均衡器插件,它建模了 TOMO Audiolabs 自己的 LISA 硬件设备。
与以往不同的是,这只是一个动态 EQ 但是带有插件联盟平时只有通道条才有的招牌 TMT 技术,这意味着 TMT 将会覆盖到更多插件上吗?

Don't call me EQ! Six bands of smooth opto compression per channel with TMT.​

别叫我均衡器! 我的每个通道都有六个平滑光电压缩频段,并且使用了 TMT 技术。
A new way to apply dynamic EQ
TOMO Audiolabs’ LISA is the only tool of its kind: An all-analog dynamic EQ, featuring a dedicated opto compressor cell for each of its 6 bands.
This exacting model of the original brings a new way of applying dynamic EQ to the digital domain.
Now you can take advantage of the character and workflow of this $15k mastering-grade hardware in the box.​

TOMO Audiolabs 的 LISA 是同类中唯一的工具:全模拟动态均衡器,其 6 个频段中的每一个频段都有一个专用的光电压缩器。
现在,您可以充分利用这款价值 15,000 美元的母带级硬件的特性和工作流程。

ThaLoops 发布 Kontakt 创意人声库 Ethnic Voices
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可用于多种流派的 Kontakt 人声库
有爱的 UI 带来耳目一新的感受

Play choir pads, leads and adlibs with unique chest resonating singing tones
Build lively melodies and chord progressions by balancing between looping phrases and one shot samples with control over effects
Delve into an authentic library of tribal vocal samples designed for urban music production​

用于 KONTAKT 的传统声乐乐器
Check out the isolated loops played with ETHNIC VOICES instrument.
All effects are controlled with effect knob automation envelopes.
Balance knob lets users blend between looping phrases and one shot samples.​

查看使用 ETHNIC VOICES 乐器演奏的独立循环。
KV331 Audio 升级 SynthMaster 系列合成器至 v2.9.12 支持 NKS
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SynthMaster 系列也已经支持 NKS 和 VST3 了,这意味着用户可以在 NI KOMPLETE KONTROL 中使用高级功能预听和调制音色了,
这次升级除开支持 NKS 之外,还更新了上百个出厂预设。

We have exciting news to share in our April newsletter!
We are proud to announce the latest v2.9.12 update for our SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster Player software synthesizers.​

我们有令人振奋的消息要在我们的 4 月时事通讯中分享!
我们很自豪地宣布 SynthMaster 2 和 SynthMaster Player 软件合成器的最新 v2.9.12更新。
This update brings 2 major new features:​

本次更新带来了 2 个主要的新功能:
1. Compatibility with Native Instruments' Native Kontrol Standard (NKS):
NKS allows SynthMaster 2 and SynthMaster Player to be seamlessly integrated
with Native Instruments' Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware and software.​

1.与 Native Instruments 的Native Kontrol 标准(NKS)的兼容性:
NKS 允许 SynthMaster 2 和 SynthMaster Player 与 Native Instruments
的 Maschine 和 Komplete Kontrol 硬件和软件无缝集成。
Audiofier 发布 Veevum 新库:影视节奏、哼唱人声、影视吉他
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Audiofier 用 Veevum 技术打造了三个新的库

Now with the brand new VEEVUM BEAT engine, you can create, mix, mangle, deconstruct, randomise rhythmic loops as never possible before.​

现在使用全新的 VEEVUM BEAT 引擎,您可以前所未有地创建、混合、修改、解构、随机化节奏循环。
Making use of the same playing modes of the acclaimed Veevum Series,
VEEVUM BEAT provides exciting new ways to combine drums and percussion loops.
The randomisation capabilities of VEEVUM BEAT make it super easy to create new rhythmic beds
which get stored automatically and are ready to be used at a touch of a key.​

利用广受好评的 Veevum 系列的相同演奏模式,
VEEVUM BEAT 提供了令人兴奋的新方法来组合鼓和打击乐循环。
VEEVUM BEAT 的随机化功能使创建新的节奏床变得非常容易,
Random? Yes, gone… no.
Play a few keys, hear the new randomised combination, play it back exactly as it was with a key switch.​

AVID Pro Tools 产品线全面大翻身,全新的三种版本使用订阅制
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PRO TOOLS 产品线发生巨大变动啦!全新的三种版本面世,全面替代老版本,并且功能都有所增强。

We are excited to announce that we have updated and enhanced the Pro Tools product line into three offerings:
Pro Tools Artist for music creators just starting out,
Pro Tools Studio for serious music creators and producers,
and the Pro Tools Flex subscription bundle (which includes Pro Tools Ultimate software) for audio post and high-end music facilities.​

AVID 很高兴地宣布,AVID 已将 Pro Tools 产品线更新并增强为三个产品:
为刚起步的音乐创作者提供的 Pro Tools Artist、
为严肃的音乐创作者和制作人提供的 Pro Tools Studio,
以及 Pro Tools Flex 订阅捆绑包(其中包括Pro Tools Ultimate 软件)用于音频后期和高端棚。
As a current Pro Tools (standard) customer,
your license automatically entitles you to the new Pro Tools Studio product free of charge,
which offers numerous enhancements and additional content, including:​

如果你是当前 Pro Tools(标准版)客户,
你的许可证将自动免费更新使用新 Pro...​
Rob Papen 发布新一代的 RP-Distort 2 多功能失真设计插件
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Rob Papen 在更新自家的 RP 系列效果器插件到第二代版本,
RP-Distort 2 是一个多功能综合失真插件,用于塑造结实和富有质感的音色。

Welcome to the new successor from our popular RP-Distort!
The original RP-Distort took distortion to a new level,
and now with RP-Distort 2 we have taken it even further to a whole new creative level!​

欢迎见识下我们广受欢迎的 RP-Distort 的新继任者!
最早版本的 RP-Distort 将失真提升到了一个新的水准,
现在有了 RP-Distort 2,我们将它进一步提升到了另一个全新的创意高度!
Inside version 2 and brought over from DelSane you will now find the ‘Disrupt Sphere’
which allows you to control several different modulation parameters at once and it even gets more exciting
if you use the newly added ‘Audio Follower’ to also take control of the ‘Disrupt Sphere’!​

在从 DelSane 带来的版本 2 中,您现在会发现 “Disrupt Sphere”,
如果你使用新加入的 “Audio Follower” 来控制 “Disrupt Sphere”,

Soundiron 发布电声古希腊管竖琴音色库 Aeolian Fan Harp
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高产之王 Soundiron 又双叒叕发布了新品:电声化改装的古希腊管竖琴音色库 Aeolian Fan Harp。
这是一个传统民族乐器加上现代改造技术的结合品,并采样到 KONTAKT 音色中且加入了声音设计。

Aeolian Fan Harp is a unique hand-made instrument created by Dust Bowl Guitars.
Based on the concept of a traditional ancient Greek wind harp, this 12-stringed non-fretted holy body instrument incorporates a 120mm PC fan under the strings near the bridge to produce its own wind!
And rather than nylon strings, it uses steel-wound strings and electric guitar pickups. When plucked while the fan is off, it has a sound similar to a baritone electric guitar.
Powering up the fan generates a lush steady drone, but the real magic begins when you bow, scrape, gliss or excite the strings and set off extraordinary cinematic clusters, sound effects and undulating drones.
This experiment was built over three long months and sampled in outstanding detail by Soundiron contributor John Valasis and Konstantinos Sakkas.​

Bela D Media 发布 Kontakt 民族女声音色库 Native Voice Eira
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Broken into a four-part series, Bela D Media has reinvented a classic vocal library.
Originally recorded in 2009 by producer Rishabh Rajan Native Voice
– with advanced scripting control and remastered audio – is ready for prime time once again.​

Bela D Media 重新发明了一个经典的声乐库,并分为四个音色库发售。
最初由制作人Rishabh Rajan Native Voice 于 2009 年录制
- 具有先进的脚本控制和重新制作的音频 - 再次准备好迎接黄金时段。
Featuring a female vocalist of Norwegian descent, EIRA (Pronounced: AY – ruh) is certain to unleash your creative genius.
Though the vocal phrases in use do not include actual words of meaning,
the soloist sings with an indigenous tongue and the user is creating the illusion of language.
Current installments of Native Voice include:
SORA (A female vocalist of Japanese descent) and MAYA (A female vocalist of Lebanese descent)
and AIZA (A female vocalist of Pakistani descent).​

EIRA (发音:AY –...​
Blue Cat Audio 发布复古综合调制单块插件 PolyVibe
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蓝猫音频 Blue Cat Audio 以 Vibe 为基础将全方位的调制能力加入吉他效果器踏板插件,
打造了一个集合了合唱、移相、旋转、哇音效果的综合单块插件 PolyVibe。

Blue Cat's PolyVibe is a complete re-creation of vintage "vibe" pedals,
based on original designs and taking them several steps further for the 21st century.​

蓝猫音频的 PolyVibe 是对老式 “Vibe” 单块的完全重新创造,
基于原始设计,并在 21 世纪更进一步。


With a couple of twists and innovations, the plug-in can simulate many kinds of "vibes", chorus, phaser, rotary or wah/vocal effects,
while keeping this particular vintage flavor that is so typical to "vibe" pedals.​

通过一些折腾和创新,该插件可以模拟多种 “Vibes”、合唱、移相、旋转或哇音/人声效果,
同时保持这种 “Vibe” 踏板特有的特殊复古风味。
Thanks to these extensions, the plug-in is not only suitable for guitars,
but for any other instrument, including the human voice.​
McDSP 发布全新的 V7 版本插件,全新的界面并且优化 M1 支持
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著名的音频效果器插件品牌 McDSP 全线升级到 V7 版本,原生支持 M1 电脑。

Welcome to the latest generation of McDSP’s professional audio plug-ins.
Our v7 release brings tons of new and exciting features to our entire line of software products,
along with amazing high-definition user interfaces.​

欢迎了解 McDSP 的最新一代专业音频插件。
V7 最新版本为整个软件产品系列带来了许多新的和令人兴奋的功能,


For over two decades our award-winning double precision, zero latency algorithms have stood out from the crowd,
and v7 continues this legacy, adding 1500+ additional presets and two activations per license or subscription.​

V7 继续这一优势,增加了 1500 多个额外的预设,以及每个许可证可以授权两次激活。