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Rob Papen 发布新一代的 RP-Distort 2 多功能失真设计插件

Rob Papen 在更新自家的 RP 系列效果器插件到第二代版本,
RP-Distort 2 是一个多功能综合失真插件,用于塑造结实和富有质感的音色。

RP-Distort 2.jpg

Welcome to the new successor from our popular RP-Distort!
The original RP-Distort took distortion to a new level,
and now with RP-Distort 2 we have taken it even further to a whole new creative level!​

欢迎见识下我们广受欢迎的 RP-Distort 的新继任者!
最早版本的 RP-Distort 将失真提升到了一个新的水准,
现在有了 RP-Distort 2,我们将它进一步提升到了另一个全新的创意高度!
Inside version 2 and brought over from DelSane you will now find the ‘Disrupt Sphere’
which allows you to control several different modulation parameters at once and it even gets more exciting
if you use the newly added ‘Audio Follower’ to also take control of the ‘Disrupt Sphere’!​

在从 DelSane 带来的版本 2 中,您现在会发现 “Disrupt Sphere”,
如果你使用新加入的 “Audio Follower” 来控制 “Disrupt Sphere”,


The heart of RP-Distort 2 still remains the ‘Distortion’ module, which has a pre-distortion EQ, post-distortion EQ, and Gate included.
The ‘Distortion’ module offers 52 distortion types including Lo-fi, 2-Band distortions, Amp and Cabinet models, Audio Modulation,
and new to version 2 are the Dual Wave Shapers which allow you to create your own distortions.​

RP-Distort 2 的核心仍然是“失真”模块,它包含前置失真均衡器、后级失真均衡器和门限。
“失真”模块提供 52 种失真类型,包括 Lo-fi、2 频段失真、放大器和箱体建模、音频调制,
The EQ section inside the distortion module has been expanded by a pre-distortion EQ, a post-distortion EQ,
and can be controlled either graphically or by adjusting dials using the original RP-Distort mode.​

失真模块内的 EQ 模块通过前置失真 EQ、后级失真 EQ 进行了扩展,
并且可以通过图形方式或使用原始 RP-Distort 模式调整转盘进行控制。
Next is an analog modeled ‘Filter’, 'Compressor', and a ‘Widener or Chorus’ module.
The order of these modules in the audio signal path can be rearranged which is reflected in the new user interface.​

接下来是模拟建模的 “滤波器”、“压缩器” 和 “扩展与合唱” 模块。


Modulating the various parameters has been taken to a new level with the ‘Disrupt Sphere’, ‘Audio Follower’, ‘Modulation LFOs',
and the extensive ‘Mod Matrix’.​

通过 “Disrupt Sphere”、“Audio Follower”、“Modulation LFO” 和全面的 “Mod Matrix”,
Finally, RP-Distort 2 is polished off with a bank manager, to help you organize your Presets and Banks.
Enjoy the distorted reality of RP-Distort 2!​

最后,RP-Distort 2 带有一个预设管理器,以帮助你组织你的预设和音色库。
享受 RP-Distort 2 的扭曲现实吧!


PC: 32 & 64 bits VST, VST3, and 64 bits AAX for Windows 7/8/10/11
(Note: PC AAX for PT 12 or higher)
Mac: 64 bits AU, VST3, VST, and AAX, for OS-10.13 up to OS-12
M1 ARM processor compatible.
Serial/license system with activation whilst registering the product
The activation system is offline, which means that there is no direct connection between the plugin and the homepage.
The software can be installed on 2 of your own computer systems.​

PC:适用于 Windows 7/8/10/11 的 32 位和 64 位 VST、VST3 和 64 位 AAX
(注:PT 12 或更高版本的 PC AAX)
Mac:64 位 AU、VST3、VST 和 AAX,适用于 OS-10.13 至 OS-12
M1 ARM 处理器兼容。
激活系统处于离线状态,这意味着插件与 主页之间没有直接连接。
该软件可以安装在你自己的 2 个计算机系统上。


新购价格 49 美元/欧元,从 RP-Distort 1 升级为 19 美元/欧元。