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Gforce 发布新版建模 8-Voice 合成器插件 Oberheim OB-E 2
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以建模老式键盘和合成器的制造商 Gforce Software 曾经有一款基于 Oberheim 8-Voice 合成器的插件 OB-E,
这是一款由 Oberheim 官方认证的合成器插件,现在,它已经进行全面升级,以 OB-E v2 重新面世!

The Oberheim OB-E is our take on the legendary Oberheim® 8-Voice
and the first software instrument ever to receive Tom Oberheim’s personal endorsement.​

OB-E – OBERHEIM 八音合成器冒险
Oberheim OB-E 是我们对传奇的 Oberheim® 8-Voice 的建模,
也是有史以来第一个获得 Tom Oberheim 个人认可的软件乐器。
More than just an emulation, the OB-E offers a unique musical experience. Sounding HUGE,
it takes the iconic Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM®) based 8-Voice (a.k.a the EVS) into new sonic territory via a raft of enhancements and additions.​

OB-E 不仅仅是一种建模,它还提供了一种独特的音乐体验。
听起来很庞大,它通过大量增强和添加将基于标志性合成器扩展模块 (SEM®) 的 8 复音(又名 EVS)带入了新的声音领域。
The concept of the 8-Voice is actually very simple; based around a single SEM...​
Overloud 发布 TH-U All Metal Gears 重金属吉他效果器扩展包
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Overloud 为重金属风格带来新武器,基于他们家备受赞誉的吉他工作站引擎 TH-U,
Metal Gears 是现代金属吉他放大器、箱体和效果器合集,由 Andrey Smirnoff 签名打造。

After one full year of heavy work with the guitar hero Andrey Smirnoff, we created the ultimate TH-U Expansion dedicated to Metal guitarists and producers.
From crisp cleans for wide atmospheres, to perfectly balanced mix-ready high gain tones, the pack explores the most recent trends in Metal guitar.​

在与吉他英雄 Andrey Smirnoff 一起忙碌了一整年后,我们专门为金属吉他手和制作人打造了终极 TH-U 扩展包。

4 Amp models designed for different metal styles
2 Cabinets
8 IRs crafted for high gain tones
18 effects, including the Multiband compressor, the Atmosphere and the Space Machine
34 patches recreating all the main Andrey Smirnoff tones.​
Initial Audio 发布数字动态参量均衡器插件 Dynamic EQ
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普通的数字 EQ 已经无法满足最挑剔的制作人了不是?现在越来越多的制造商开始发布动态 EQ。
以制作嘻哈音源而闻名的著名厂牌 Initial Audio 也投身动态 EQ 的汪洋之中,这莫非就是嘻哈人士的专属 EQ?

What Is Dynamic EQ?
Dynamic Eq is a parametric equalizer with multi-band compression features.
Each band has a built in compressor, precise frequencies can be dynamically cut or boosted by setting the threshold.
A level meter is available for each band with a marker showing the current threshold level.
This gives a level of control over the frequencies in your mix that is not possible with a standard equaliser.
This feature is very useful for de-essing or reducing resonant frequencies dynamically.​

Dynamic Eq 是一种具有多频段压缩功能的参数均衡器。
Dynamic Eq can be used as a standard equaliser for your day to day needs,
when you need more control our transparent compression...​
AAS 发布 Lounge Lizard EP-4 物理建模电钢扩展音色包 Caffeine
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Lounge Lizard EP-4 是 AAS 著名的物理建模电钢引擎,其发布多年以来赢得了非常好的口碑。
相对其它 AAS 引擎而言,在此之前 Lounge Lizard EP-4 的扩展音色仅有一套,这也太少了吧!
现在终于打破了此局面,Caffeine 的发布又为 Lounge Lizard EP-4 扩展阵容添得一位猛将!

After creating Insomnia—the first Lounge Lizard sound pack ever—Daniel Stawczyk has clearly not run out of ideas just yet.
Once again, electric pianos fans are in for a treat with a plethora of exceptionally musical and eclectic sounds with a lot of character and peculiar textures.
Caffeine brings you that familiar electric piano foundation you know and love while adding wackiness and originality for an unequivocal source of inspiration.
Each preset was carefully crafted with clever use of Lounge Lizard’s powerful effect rack pushing the envelope a tad further.
This collection of 105 presets will inspire you with outlandish keys, leads, and synths, growling organs, odd pads, effective splits, pulses, and sound effects.
Caffeine is so addictive, it will most likely keep you up all...​
AmpleSound 全体民乐升级到 v1.5,原生支持 Mac M1 电脑
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Ample Sound升级洞箫, 古筝, 曲笛到v1.5, 琵琶到v2.5,
新的采样引擎优化运行效率, 支持原生Mac M1, 及无障碍盲读功能。

New features:
Native support for Mac M1 machines.
Native accessibility support on both Windows and Mac.
Improved sample engine, memory management, and efficiency.
Optimized UI display.
Updated AAX format version.​

原生支持Mac M1系统
为残障人士增加原生无障碍, 盲读功能.
更新采样引擎, , 内存分配,提升运行效率.
ACDX updates:
Optimized legato and wind samples. Users need to download the latest sample library.
Added AB mic mode.
Fixed missing notes in some articulations.
Articulation update - Automatically return to Sustain after Tonguing notes;
Trill notes can legato to Sustain; Legatos under Slide Out can be ended with Slide Out.​


优化连奏和口风的各组采样, 需要重新下载安装音色库.
演奏法修改 - 吐音结束后会自动返回长音,
颤音可连奏到长音, 尾滑音连奏后可继续连奏到尾滑音.

In Session Audio 发布小打音色库 Shimmer Shake Strike 2
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About this Virtual Instrument
Shimmer Shake Strike 2 is a one-stop-shop for all your “top of mix” percussion needs.
This sample library of tambourines, shakers, small hand percussion and more allows you to create and control the sound of realistic, human performances with ease.
Useful to almost every genre of music, Shimmer Shake Strike 2 will be a library that you will use over and over for years to come.​

Shimmer Shake Strike 2 是满足您所有“顶级混音”打击乐需求的一站式音色库。
Shimmer Shake Strike 2 对几乎所有类型的音乐都有用,它将成为一个库,您将在未来几年内一遍又一遍地使用它。
“Performance” Baked In
Traditional “sampling” of instruments is rather straightforward: record the instrument being played from soft to hard.
But for tambourines and shakers, that approach will never come close to reproducing a life-like sound.
Instead, we recorded percussion performances, harvesting samples of...​
Strezov Sampling 发布羽管键琴音色库 Harpsichord
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精专于民乐和电影配乐音色的欧洲大型厂牌 Strezov Sampling 又出新作了,
Harpsichord 是一款复现巴洛克时期的一款羽管键琴音色库。

Looking back at the genesis of modern music, there are different instruments that truly shaped the sound and feel of any given age and genre.
Without a doubt, one of these is the harpsichord.
With its full sound, charismatic and distinctive timbre it’s been a backbone of many composers’ works ever since the Baroque era,
spanning all the way up to the modern cinematic music.
Driven by the desire to capture every single tone color of this amazing instrument in detail,
we embarked on the journey of recording and creating an easily playable instrument,
while still preserving its character and its unique “voice”.​


The content of the library was...​
Softube 发布六振荡器复音合成声码器插件 Vocoder
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效果器插件大牌 Softube 发布了一个强大的复古声码器插件,名字就叫 Vocoder。
它搭载了多达六个载波振荡器来驱动合成器工作,为 Softube 产品线打造更多可能性。

A fun-to-use MIDI-controlled effect with an inspiring workflow and Softube-quality sound
Featuring a six-voice polyphonic carrier synth with four selectable waveforms
Great for vintage vocoder sounds as well as creative experimentation​

有趣的 MIDI 控制效果,具有令人振奋的工作流程和 Softube 品质的声音
Developed by Bell Labs and used by the military to obscure voiced messages during World War II,
the vocoder has had a clandestine foothold in music culture since the 1970s.
With subtlety, or not, the vocoder appears on a parade of favorites from Electric Light Orchestra,
Imogen Heap, Daft Punk, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys, Laurie Anderson, Kanye West, Mogwai, and more.​

自 1970 年代以来,声码器就在音乐文化中占有一席之地。
无论或多或少,声码器都出现在 Electric Light...​
Best Service 发布基于 ENGINE 的手碟鼓音色库 Real Handpan
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Best Service 的 ENGINE 平台终于迎来新品啦!
一个非常便宜的手碟鼓,有了 ENGINE 平台做保障,音质靠谱!

Authentic replica of one of the most famous percussive instruments of our time
Despite the fact that the Handpan was first introduced in early 2000, it has become one of the best-known percussive instruments of the modern era.
Based on the Caribbean Steel Drums and the Indian Ghatam, the Handpan offers a distinctive sound that will enhance your virtual instruments collection.​

尽管 Handpan 于 2000 年初首次推出,但它已成为现代家喻户晓的打击乐器之一。
Handpan 基于 Caribbean Steel Drums 和 Indian Ghatam,提供独特的声音,可以增强您的虚拟乐器表现力。


The realistic sounding virtual instrument, featuring various playing styles, was created in cooperation with handpan pioneer Wolfgang Ohmer.
Thanks to his experience, the unique sonic character of the handpan was...​
Rast Sound 发布古埃及民乐卡农琴音色库 Master Kanun
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Kanun 卡农琴是源自于古埃及的一种类似竖琴的古老乐器,
执着于世界民族风情音色的厂牌 Rast Sound 将这一乐器采样了并做成了商业产品。

Authentic World String.
Master Kanun is recorded with a master performer to capture rich solo articulations,
large set of playable phrases, patterns, effects and more.
Authentic sound ready at your fingertips.​

Master Kanun 与大师级演奏家一起录制,
Solo Articulations
You will have access to multiple solo articulations (sustain, tremolo, glissando, arpeggio, etc)
and playable tuned phrases to create realistic performances.
Sample start randomisation and key switches will help achieve a natural sound.​

Large Phrase & Pattern Set
We have included a large set of phrases, patterns and long performances
so you can easily add this authentic instrument and blend with the...​
Soundiron 发布 Clavinet Pianet 电钢音源 Clavi Twin '78
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高产之王 Soundiron 又带来了 Clavinet Pianet 老式电钢键盘 KONTAKT 采样音源 Clavi Twin '78,
虽然市面上 Clavinet Pianet 的音色很多,但它与其它同类产品不同的是 Clavi Twin '78 具有大量的声音设计氛围音色,不仅仅是电钢。

Clavi Twin '78 captures the heart & soul of a vintage run-down Hohner Clavinet Pianet Duo, complete with scuffs, stains, and over 40 years of hard use and abuse.
This unique combo allowed keyboardists to blend the two instruments, or use the Pianet as a bass in the left hand while playing Clavi in the right.
Since both sets of strings lived inside the enclosure, this funkmaster was heavy (over 75 lbs)!
The Clavinet was designed in 1961 by German engineer Ernst Zacharias - he loved listening to Bach harpsichord music and created an amplified version for Hohner.
Music legends like Stevie Wonder made the Clavinet an icon, embracing the electric guitar-like tones while running it through distortion, tape echo, and phaser pedals.​

Clavi Twin '78 捕捉了老式的 Hohner Clavinet Pianet Duo...​
Harrison 哈里森推出模块化总线处理效果器插件 32C Bus
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Harrison 继续炒招牌冷饭,使用他们传奇的 32C 的技术和名义推出了全新的模块化总线处理器。
这款名为 32C BUS 的插件带有磁带饱和、动态处理、EQ、限制器等综合功能,看上去还是蛮不错的。

The legendary 32C mixbus processing in a plug-in
The Harrison 32C Bus plugin is modeled after the bus processing in Mixbus 32C,
allowing you to bring the famed Mixbus 32C workflow to any DAW.
It contains various bus processing elements such as tape drive, compression, EQ, and limiting.​

传奇的 32C mixbus 处理器插件
Harrison 32C Bus 插件以 Mixbus 32C 中的总线处理为模型,
现在让你将著名的 Mixbus 32C 工作流程带到任何 DAW。
它包含各种总线处理元素,例如磁带饱和器、压缩、EQ 和限制。


The 32C Bus includes the following elements:
- Tape Drive: Adds color to your mix with analog tape saturation
- Compressor: Modeled after the Mixbus strip compressor with the addition of attack, release, and filtering controls
- EQ: Modeled after the Mixbus bus EQ with the...​
Waves 发布终极语音人声降噪插件 Clarity Vx & Clarity Vx Pro
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Waves 放大招!放出了品质可以推倒一切同类产品的终极降噪插件 Clarity Vx 系列插件,
据说能在邻居打电钻的时候不顾虑的录音,包含两个版本:标准版 Clarity Vx 和专业版 Clarity Vx Pro。

这次是 Waves 针对降噪和音频修复市场的一次强有力的冲击!
Clarity Vx 系列的降噪效果相对同类竞品来说品质遥遥领先。
这归功于 Waves 最新研究的神经网络技术,它将 Waves 插件的品质带来了质的飞跃!

Waves Neural Networks 神经网络技术​


An Intelligent Approach to Noise Reduction
Waves Neural Networks® technology is a pioneering AI approach to noise reduction and voice enhancement.
With this superior workflow, you can now deliver class-leading results in post-production – faster than ever.​

Waves Neural Networks® 技术是一种用于降噪和语音增强的开创性 AI 方法。
In the past, plugins that deliver noise reduction at a comparable...​
KV331 发布 SynthMaster One 影视扩展音色 Bluffmunkey
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SynthMaster One 是 KV331 Audio 的合成器引擎之一,其通过大量的扩展音色来丰富其内容。
现在,SynthMaster One 又多了一套用于影视配乐的扩展音色:Bluffmunkey Cinematic Sounds。

We are glad to announce our latest expansion for SynthMaster One: Bluffmunkey Cinematic Sounds.
This bank, which is designed by Bluffmunkey, comes with 50 presets suitable for Cinematic, Ambient and Filmscore genres.​

我们很高兴地宣布我们发布了用于 SynthMaster One 的最新扩展:Bluffmunkey Cinematic Sounds。
这个扩展库由 Bluffmunkey 设计,带有 50 个预设,适用于电影配乐、环境氛围和影视作曲应用。
The bank contains presets in the following categories:
5 Ambient.
11 Bass.
6 FX.
6 Lead.
6 Pad.
8 Percussion.
8 Sequence.​

5 个环境。
11 个贝斯。
6 个效果。
6 个领奏。
6 个铺底。
8 个打击乐。
8 个音序组。
This bank is available for purchase for $15.
It is available for free for users who have licenses for the following bundles:
SynthMaster One Expansions Bundle
SynthMaster Everything Bundle​
Sonnox 发布监听辅助工具插件 Toolbox ListenHub
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以牛津插件著称的 Sonnox 品牌今天带来了新品:ListenHub。

Introducing ListenHub, the latest addition to our Toolbox range: Sonnox Toolbox ListenHub.
ListenHub is the audio control toolbox that places essential referencing and monitoring solutions at your fingertips.​

介绍一下 ListenHub,这是我们 Toolbox 系列的最新成员:Sonnox Toolbox ListenHub。
ListenHub 是音频控制工具箱,可将重要的参考和监控解决方案放在你的指尖。
Ensure your mix stands strong against your favourite productions using ListenHub for macOS.
Use it to easily A/B against songs from any streaming source such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or your own media player.​

使用 macOS 的 ListenHub,确保你的混音与你最喜爱的作品相平衡。
使用它可以轻松地对来自任何流媒体源(如 Spotify、Apple Music、YouTube 或你自己的媒体播放器)的歌曲进行 A/B 对比。
Instantly listen to just the mid or sides, low-mids or highs and discover if your dynamics are competitive or crushed.
Soundiron 发布大气音景合成器音色库 Sonespheres 4 Direction
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Soundiron 日常高产,带来大气音景合成器音色 Sonespheres 4 - Direction,
该音色库基于完整版的 KONTAKT 采样器,是制作影视和氛围配乐的好工具。

Sonespheres is a series of uniquely sound-designed atmospheric synths, textural pads, evolving soundscapes, nuanced drones and tonal ambiences for Native Instruments Kontakt.
Each volume explores film and tv composer and long-time Soundiron collaborator Blake Ewing's unique creative vision, delving into deeper aesthetics, stylized niches and specialty production concepts.
This volume was crafted using an array of acoustic and electronic instruments, with a full array of essential user controls to unlock virtually limitless creative potential.​

Sonespheres 是一系列独特的声音设计的大气合成器、氛围铺底、不断变化的音景、细致入微的蜂鸣和用于 Native Instruments Kontakt 的环境音色。
每一卷都探讨了电影和电视作曲家和 Soundiron 的长期合作者 Blake Ewing 独特的创作视野,深入研究更深层次的美学、风格化的利基和专业制作概念。

Steinberg 正式发布 CUBASE 12,并免去了USB加密狗
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令人期待的 CUBASE 12 终于来了,最大的变化就是:不再使用加密狗!

Do you want to start creating your own music, bring your production up to a professional level, or streamline your workflow for short deadlines?
Whatever you need, Cubase helps you to reach your full creative potential.
From Hollywood blockbuster composers and Billboard Hot 100 producers right through to keen beginners,
the world of music production trusts the comprehensive feature set, straightforward tools and unrivaled sound of our acclaimed music production software.​

CUBASE 指导您的音乐制作之旅
无论您需要什么,Cubase 都能帮助您充分发挥创意潜力。
Cubase 12 features significant new features and workflow enhancements which make composing, recording, and mixing music even more...​
Eventide 发布 Anthology XII 重型插件全家桶套装以及首发促销!
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插件效果器巨头,哦不!硬件效果器巨头 Eventide 将于将 Anthology XII 重型套装放出,
它包含了 Eventide 有史以来最全面和最先进的效果器插件套装,内含 33 款著名和口碑爆炸的强势插件!

Take Your Mix to the Next Level
The Anthology XII plug-in bundle brings Eventide’s 50 years of pioneering audio technology directly to your DAW.
Anthology XII has everything you need to take your sonic story to the next level by combining award-winning, groundbreaking,
inspirational effects with the most essential music production staples of the last half-century!​

Anthology XII 插件包将 Eventide 50 年来开创性的音频技术直接带入你的 DAW。
Anthology XII 将屡获殊荣和开创性的、以及令人振奋的效果器与过去半个世纪最重要的音乐制作流程相结合,
Anthology XII comes with 33 plug-ins designed to enhance, morph, mangle, pitch shift, re-shape, and define your sound.
A comprehensive and creative toolkit for music producers, mixers, and artists alike, Anthology XII features Eventide’s revolutionary Structural Effects plug-ins...​
Toontrack 发布 EZDrummer 电鼓扩展音色库 Dance EZX
  • 301
  • 1
15 个可混音套件

Featuring unique sets of mixed, matched and layered percussive elements based on anything from classic drum machines to textures of cutting edge sound design,
the Dance EZX presents a total of 15 custom drum kits designed to paint a broad brushstroke across the entire commercial range of modern electronic dance music.
It was engineered by Timofey Reznikov, DJ, producer and composer from Belgium with cuts on platinum-selling albums by the likes of David Guetta, Regi and Dimitri Vegas.
Setting out to capture not solely the percussive nature of all the splintered subsets of the genre, it also includes a large pool of chromatically tuned tonal instruments
as well as a selection of unique sound effects tailor-made to fit the sonic identity of each kit.
This makes the Dance EZX transcend way beyond being solely a percussive foundation – it makes it an all-encompassing beat machine on just as much a melodic level.
To add, a...​
Orchestral Tools 发布 Dominik Eulberg 自然环境音色库 Habitat
  • 738
  • 4

Playable natural landscapes
Instantly evoke vivid scenes from the natural world through distinctive blends of electronic and acoustic sounds.
Created with electronic music producer and conservationist Dominik Eulberg, Habitat mixes analog synth textures and orchestral samples,
to provide new inspiration for creating living, breathing soundscapes.
Perfect for underscoring, sound design, electronic production, and foley, Habitat gives you new ways to conjure the natural world in sound.​

与电子音乐制作人和保护主义者 Dominik Eulberg 一起创建的 Habitat 混合了模拟合成器纹理和管弦乐样本,
Habitat 非常适合做配乐、声音设计、电子制作和拟音,它为你提供了用声音创造自然世界的新方法。
Two interacting soundworlds
Habitat offers distinctive blends of analog synth patches and orchestral samples to give you multiple ways to create rich atmospheric soundscapes.
Use the modwheel to morph between synth and orchestral...​