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第七天堂 Seventh Heaven 升级到 v1.4 加入环绕声功能和闪避
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混响插件至尊第七天堂 Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven Pro 终于迎来了五周年庆典日,
此次带来了一次巨大的更新:第七天堂专业版正式升级成为全景声第七天堂,最高支持 7.1.6 通道。

It’s hard to believe Seventh Heaven has been with us for five years now!
To mark the occasion the v1.4 update is the biggest single update the plug-in has received in its time.​

为了纪念这个时刻,v1.4 是这个插件目前为止最大的一次更新。
The new headline features are:
Ducking (professional edition only)
Surround support up to 7.1.6 (professional edition only)
Apple Silicon support (both editions)
To celebrate the anniversary we’re offering 7 copies of Seventh Heaven Professional in the “Seven Days of Seventh Heaven” prize draw.
That’s one copy per day, for a week. You don’t need to enter more than once, your entry rolls over to the next day’s draw,
so enter right now for the best chance to grab a copy! Details are at the end of the article…​

Soundiron 发布雅马哈 Electone HC-4 调频键盘音源 Yumtone H4
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高产之王 Soundiron 有一个完整的采样老式键盘的产品线,
这一次采样的是雅马哈老式 Electone HC-4 调频合成器,将其做成了一个 KONTAKT 音色库。

Yumtone H4 is pure digital magic. This Japanese FM synthesizer called the Electone HC-4 was introduced to the market by Yamaha in 1987.
It featured two 44-note keybeds, a foot pedal system, drum/rhythm machine, velocity sensitivity, 16-operator FM voices, and a variety of buttons to control volume, instrument type, auto accompaniment, and tempo.
The Electone series started as organs in the late 1950s, but transitioned to digital synthesis in the 1980s with advances in integrated circuit technology.
Our library includes synth sustains, staccatos, piano, vibraphone, bells, tempo-syncable drum machine loops, hits, and key SFX.
We recorded the instrument articulations in wide stereo and direct line in. After that, we crafted 20 evolving ambient pads from the source content to boost usability, and 20 custom FX presets to ignite your next composition.
Yumtone H4...​
Studio Major7th 发布建模 7 弦吉他 SSG7 V
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It's finally out! SSG7 V, a metal guitar VST that doesn't require samples!
You don't need large samples for guitar instruments anymore!
SSG7V is sample-free and doesn't require a lot of memory!
And since SSG7V has a built-in amp simulator,
you can get heavy guitar sounds with just one unit!​

终于出来了!SSG7 V,不需要样品的金属吉他 VST!
SSG7V 无需采样,不需要大量内存!
由于 SSG7V 具有内置放大器模拟器,


Specification Version 1.0.0
Windows version, 64-bit VST3. This will not work correctly on 32-bit hosts. and Mac is not supported at this time.
Size of VST : 15.2MB
PowerChord, PowerChord 5th, PowerChord 4th,
PowerChord Mute, PowerChord 5th Mute,
PowerChord 4th Mute, Solo, SoloMute,
Hammer-on, Pull-off,
Pick Harmonics, Slide, Slide Noise, Auto String Noise,
Vibrato, Legato, Alternate Picking...​
NI 发布由 Evolution Series 打造的影视配乐叙事音色库 LORES
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Evolution Series 喜欢用音色讲故事,这一期他为 NI 讲了一回故事,
这个音色库拥有 72G 之巨,内容包含了从世界民乐到人声和各种氛围音色。

An eclectic collection of organic instruments, purpose-built for creating musical stories
Add dynamic realism and movement to your productions with this playful, multi-dimensional library
16 instruments expressed through over 300 hand-played articulations – classic woodwinds, rare chordophones, and compelling vocals​

16款乐器,300多种纯手工录制的演奏技法 - 古典木管、迷人的人声,还有罕见稀有的弦鸣乐器
Music is a story, LORES is your narrator, inviting listeners on a sonic trip around the world to hear your own unique tale.
From traditional strings to eclectic instruments, such as the hurdy-gurdy and shakuhachi, this innovative library makes it easy to add magic to your scenes.
Play yourself into the narrative with an intuitive interface...​
黑科技!Pitch Innovations 发布自定义和弦滑音插件 Fluid Chords
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Pitch Innovations 专门开发特异功能的 MIDI 辅助插件,这次他们准备了一个新品:Fluid Chords。
Fluid Chords 的牛逼之处在于可以让你的和弦被分配到弯音轮上,并设置每一个和弦的和弦内音呈现出什么走向。

The Ultimate Chord Bending System
Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plug-in that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord,
so you can create music that’s never been heard before!​

Fluid Chords 是一款智能和弦弯曲插件,可以让你从任意和弦弯音到任意和弦,

Create the music of tomorrow, today!
1 - Bend from any chord to any chord
Fluid Chords allows you to bend from the simplest triad to the most complex voicings - musically!​

1 - 从任何和弦弯音到任何和弦
Fluid Chords 让您可以从最简单的三和弦变奏到最复杂的声音——在音乐上!
2 - Create Unique Pitch FX
Fluid Chords is a sound designer’s playground - You can now create...​
Soundiron 发布锣和镲打击乐声音设计音色库 Cymbology
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高产之王 Soundiron 又发新货,如果你对镲片和锣不过敏的话……
Cymbology 除开正常演奏锣和镲,还对它们进行各种折腾声音设计。

Cymbology is a massive percussion effects library built around bowed cymbals and gongs.
We captured 20 unique cymbals, in all shapes, sizes, alloys and varieties, from crashes and splashes to gongs, bells, trashes and even a stack of spent WWII Howitzer artillery shells.
We explore the classic bowed cymbal effect in exquisite detail, with dozens of variations for each cymbal, from short stabs to long tortured wails and everything in between.
These often sought-after dramatic scoring and sound design fundamentals are perfect for setting dark moods,
striking bold transitions, building stingers, weaving soundscapes and manipulating in any number of ways to evoke sonic images both dark and light.​

Cymbology 是一个围绕弓形大镲和锣构建的大型打击乐效果库。
我们录制了 20 个独特的镲片,形状、大小、金属材质和品种各不相同,从碰撞和飞溅到锣、铃、垃圾,甚至是一堆用过的二战榴弹炮炮弹。
Soundiron 发布惊悚声音设计氛围音色库 Iron Throne
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Soundiron 高产之王更新了一套音色库:铁王座 Iron Throne。

This little beast is a very, very eerie and dark collection of metallic percussive and semimelodic effects, ideal for use in horror
and suspense scoring, sound design, trailer effects and post production, experimental and ambient music, or anything else you can think to do with it.
The origins of the strange creation/discovery will remain a forbidden secret – even though we had a contest where over 130 people tried to guess its origins.
What we can tell you is that we beat and played the hell out of it… or in to it, depending on how you look at it.
We used bows, mallets, metal rods, rubber balls, fingers, fists, drum sticks, nylon, metal brushes, rasps and files, water and earth to lift all manner of demon song from this contraption.​

奇怪的创造/发现的起源将仍然是一个被禁止的秘密——尽管我们有超过 130...​
Soundiron 发布风之声独唱女声合集 Voices of Wind Collection
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Soundiron 在过去的一年内持续发布了四套风之声 Voice of Wind 系列的女声独唱音色库,
我们网站对部分进行了报道:Voice of Wind: AudreyVoice of Wind: Connie
以及另外两个库:Voice of Wind KimbaVoice of Wind Adey,全部都是 NKS 标准 KONTAKT 音色库。
现在,Soundiron 又为风之声系列带来两位新的歌手采样:Juliana 和 Phoebe。
这 6 套女声独唱音色库被封装到一个合集中:Voices of Wind Collection,并且还带有 “齐唱” 音色。

Voices of Wind Collection is the culmination of all our individual modular female solo vocal libraries in the Voices of Wind series.
This ensemble features a total of six stunning vocalists, each with a distinct creative style of their own.
It comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations for each singer that sound great and are easy and convenient to use in any music or...​
UVI 发布架子鼓音色:灵魂鼓手 Soul Drums
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UVI 迈出了新的一步,全新的灵魂鼓手 Soul Drums 在 UVI 引擎中诞生,这是一套复古审美的架子鼓音色库,
但是更大的意义是证明了 UVI 引擎搭载专业鼓音源的可能性(虽然以前 AcousticSamples 用过不少)……

Modern instrument design with authentic 1960s/1970s heritage
Deeply recorded and edited, immediate and inspiring sound
Highly versatile, comprehensive mix and tone controls​

现代乐器设计与真正的 60 / 70 年代艺术遗产
Meet Your New Drummer
Soul Drums was designed to give you an immediate and inspiring drum partner, the perfect drum session anytime you need it,
with advanced controls and a vintage soul, able to adapt to the changing needs of modern production.​

Soul Drums 能够为你提供一位懂你的鼓手伙伴,随时随地为你演奏鼓音色,
Modern Sound, Vintage Soul
An antithesis to the clean and clinical, Soul Drums echoes the greats of Motown with an old-meets-new foray,
Overloud 发布全方位 PULTEC EQ 均衡器建模插件 Gem EQP
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卧槽!以建模硬件模拟效果器擅长的超级品牌 Overloud 今天终于爆出了新品,
这次被他们从传奇拖向你电脑中的型号是著名的 EQ 圣杯:PULTEC EQ!
一次性为你带来 EQP-1A、MEQ-5、HLF3C 三大模块合并为一,
还带有额外的 EQ 曲线显示和限制器功能,你可以拧旋钮并看到曲线变化,简直屌爆!

The Gem EQP is the most realistic and accurate emulation of three iconic Passive EQ units, in a single plugin.
In addition to offering the most faithful emulation available today,
it allows to extend the original tone capabilities by adding features which are not available on the analog units.​

发掘 EQP
Gem EQP 是三个标志性被动 EQ 型号在一个插件中的真实和准确的建模。


The Low & High unit is the most know one: it features two bands with individual boost and attenuation parameters as well as an additional treble attenuation control.
The attenuation parameter is centered on...​
ina-GRM 升级全部 GRM Tools 插件到 v3.1 版本并迎来全场促销
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著名的 GRM Tools 是学院派声音设计插件的标杆,我认为在学校里面学习电子音乐作曲的同学们应该都有接触。
GRM Tools 现在迎来了 V3.1 升级,支持了 Monterey 系统,老用户免费升级。

The acclaimed GRM Tools plug-ins are amongst the most original and creative audio plug-ins available on the market.
They are UNIQUE in their genre and have been, for almost two decades,
the go-to software for professional Sound Designers and especially Movie Sound Effect technicians all around the world.​

广受好评的 GRM Tools 插件是市场上最具原创性和创意的音频插件之一。
GRM Tools plug-ins can generate amazingly creative sounds from any audio source you feed into them.
They are still today the ONLY plug-ins that can radically transform sounds the way they do.
You certainly heard those wild effects in Hollywood films and hit records and asked yourself;
"WTH did they use to do that" ? Well... it most likely was GRM Tools software !
You owe it to yourself to demo...​
TAL Software 发布鼓机打击垫采样器插件 TAL-Drum
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TAL Software 以前发布过建模经典合成器、采样器和创意效果器插件,
这次发布了一个新的打击垫采样器插件,并且内置一堆鼓采样,与 Battery 非常相似。

TAL-Drum is an easy-to-use sampler for drums, short samples, and loops
inspired by the 80's drum samplers with a modern workflow.​

TAL-Drum 是一款易于使用的鼓、短采样和循环采样器,
灵感来自 80 年代的鼓采样器,具有现代工作流程。
Superfast workflow with sample, pad, and mapping drag and drop.
32 pads with 4 layers.
Up to 16 stereo outputs.
One LFO, spline envelope, amp AHDSR and two modulation AHDSR for every mapping.
Different time stretch modes (high quality Crisp or Smooth, Vintage AK4I Cycle mode)
Realtime LO-FI effects.
Slice editor.
Record audio and create samples directly in the plugin.
More than 20 Factory kits and more than 600 samples by Goldbaby, emptyvessel, Solidtrax and Saif Sameer (demo has one kit).
Most common audio formats supported (wav, aif, flac, ogg, mp3..).
Super lightweight. The installer only copies the plugin to the plug-in...​
VirHarmonic 发布全新的波西米亚小提琴 Bohemian Violin V4
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被认为是业界天花板级别之一的波西米亚小提琴在经历长久的跳票之后,终于放出了 V4 更新。
Bohemian Violin V4 更新的最大亮点显然是使用了全新的采样器引擎,从此告别龟速读取的噩梦。

Creating music has never been so easy, with the help of our Virtual Performer
making split second decisions based on your playing input, inspiring you to write lyrical lines like never before,
a Real Performance.​

Part of an expanding series of performers,
the Bohemian Violin was created to free you to perform real Violin Performances fast,
without the need to be a violinist yourself.​

To achieve realism, we recorded an unprecedented amount of...​
FeelYourSound 发布智能旋律生成器 ChilloutEngine
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ChilloutEngine turns your chord progressions into relaxed keys, smooth basslines, memorable hooks, and lovely arpeggios.
Feed ChilloutEngine with your chords and the plug-in generates authentic and professional MIDI patterns for you.
No fiddling around with mismatching MIDI packs anymore. All output will be in tune with your original chords!​

ChilloutEngine 将您的和弦进行转换为轻松的键、流畅的贝斯线、令人难忘的钩子和可爱的琶音。
用您的和弦输入 ChilloutEngine,插件会为您生成真实且专业的 MIDI 模式。
不再摆弄不匹配的 MIDI 包。所有输出都将与您的原始和弦保持一致!
New sparks of inspiration within seconds
Have you ever struggled with writer's block when you wrote a Chillout track?
Did the arpeggios feel lifeless? Were the keys "somewhat OK", and the melodies only so-so?
You can leave all this behind. ChilloutEngine is a plug-in (VST, AU)
that generates new relaxed keys, smooth basslines, and memorable hooks from your MIDI chord progressions automatically.​
Baby Audio 发布新一代混合算法混响插件 Crystalline
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Baby Audio 创意无处不在,再次打造新锐效果器插件。
Crystalline 被 Baby Audio 号称为下一代算法混响,为了帮你打造非真实的梦幻空间。

Make Space For Lushness
Crystalline is a new, state-of-the-art, reverb plugin with a pristine and modern sound.
Gives you unprecedented creative control to shape your reflections.
Lets you sync reverb start and decay times to your song's tempo.
An evolution of classic 20th century studio reverbs – fully upgraded for today.​

Crystalline 是一个新的、先进的混响插件,具有原始和现代的声音。
经典 20 世纪录音室混响的演变——在今天全面升级。


A Studio Reverb For The Current Era
A 'perfect algorithmic reverb' is often considered the holy grail of digital audio effects.
In fact, the idea can be traced all the way back to research papers from the 1960s.​

United Plugins 发布全方位的贝斯单块效果器箱 Bassment
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自从 United Plugins 的吉他单块效果箱 Electrum 大获成功之后,
旗下的 Muramasa 品牌这次为贝斯手带来了同类产品,
这个 Bassment 插件把贝斯手那一箱子单块都模拟插件化了!

Bass is the base
Of course, Bass is the fundament of music. And when guitarists got their Electrum, we simply had to create Bassment.
We built a multi-effect all-in-one one-screen bass solution around the most flexible bass amp that was ever made.
An amp that contains them all. You wish you could have this beast on stage.
Dream on, it won't happen. But you can still use it to get the most of your mixes.​

理所当然,低音是音乐的地基。 当吉他手拿到 Electrum 时,贝斯手现在也有了 Bassment。
一个包含所有这些的放大器。 你希望你能在舞台上看到这只野兽(硬件)。
做梦吧,这是不现实的。 但是你仍然可以使用它来充分利用你的混音。

Smart input setting
Hit Analyse Input Level button and hit the strings of your guitar as hard as you intend to play.
Bassment will set up the input level automatically to find the perfect sweet...​
Waves 发布新的混音环境模拟插件 Nx Germano Studios New York
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Nx 系列是 Waves 一直在推广的虚拟工作室声学监听空间模拟系列,
自上次发布了著名的 Abbey Road Studio 3 之后,这次迎来了纽约著名的混音控制室:Germano Studios New York。

A Hit Factory in Your Headphones
Nx Germano Studios New York brings the A-list acoustics of the legendary NYC studio – originally known as The Hit Factory – to your own set of headphones.
Monitor your mixes in a precise model of the iconic control room, complete with its custom-built stereo and surround monitoring systems – so you can create better mixes, anywhere, anytime.​

Nx Germano Studios New York将传奇的纽约录音棚(最初名为The Hit Factory“金曲工厂”)的一流声学效果带到你的耳机当中。


From David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, the Rolling Stones,
Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson to Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Post Malone, J Balvin and Kanye...​
Impact Soundworks 发布魅力女声乐句音色 Charisma Volume 1
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KONTAKT 平台大厂 Impact Soundworks 逐渐高产起来,
最新带来拥有众多乐句的小姐姐魅力影视风格人声音色 Charisma Volume 1。

Dive into bold cinematic experiences with Charisma Volume 1, where over a hundred ready-to-use, versatile vocal phrases await.
Featuring transcendently beautiful recordings in multiple keys, the phrases are easily searchable to quickly infuse your project with color and personality.
Written and performed by Elizabeth Zharoff, opera singer and founder of YouTube’s The Charismatic Voice.​

Charisma Volume 1 将带你沉浸在大胆的影视氛围中,其中有超过 100 个随时可用的多用途人声乐句等待着你。
由歌剧歌手兼某管魅力之声创始人 Elizabeth Zharoff 创作和演唱。
Opera singer and vocal coach Elizabeth Zharoff approaches every genre and style of singing with enthusiasm and an infectious joie de vivre.
We were immediately drawn to her pursuit of science-backed emotional impact through singing: getting deep into...​
Musical Sampling 发布怀旧抒情钢琴音色库 Memories Piano
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Despite an ocean of wonderful piano libraries available out there, we felt there was an important/useful flavor that is seldom explored.
Instead of capturing prestigious, perfectly tuned pianos – why not perfectly capture untuned, aged pianos?​

Between the unpredictable hammer action (oftentimes mandating 50+ takes per note),
carefully capturing useful piano ranges and selective/musical noise reduction – Atelier Series Memories Piano was no easy task to produce.​

仔细捕捉有用的钢琴范围和选择性/音乐降噪 - Atelier系列记忆钢琴的制作并不容易。
All of the aged intra-note tuning was left completely alone – but each note’s pitch/velocity was centered by ear in Kontakt.
What you end up with is a collection of three distinct pianos
that are perfectly suited for...​
ILIO 发布 Kontakt 钢锅鼓音色库 Andy Narell Steel Pans
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来自 Ellie Mannette 音源系列

The world’s foremost steel pan recording artist and the "father of the modern steel pan" have teamed up to create this definitive collection of Steel Pans.
There are five types of pans—each one a distinct voice of the steel orchestra.
In all, 22 instruments were recorded, presented in solo and ensemble combinations, and grouped to individual faders on the GUI console.
From steel band music to jazz, film scores to electro DJ music—Andy Narell Steel Pans
— The Ellie Mannette Collection will deliver authentic, beautiful sounding instruments.
Comes with Kontakt player engine, NKS compatible.​

总共录制了 22 种乐器,以独奏和合奏组合形式呈现,并在 GUI 控制台上分组到各个推子。
从钢带音乐到爵士乐,从电影配乐到电子 DJ 音乐——Andy Narell Steel Pans
——Ellie Mannette 系列将提供真实、优美的乐器。
使用 Kontakt Player 引擎,兼容 NKS。
Andy Narell Steel Pans — The Ellie Mannette...​