Best Service 发布深度长笛 KONTAKT 音色库 Chris Hein Winds Deep Flutes

Best Service 的 Chris Hein 系列管弦乐音色获得了业内人士的一致好评,
现在 Chris Hein Winds 木管系列又发布了第 5 卷:Deep Flutes,
Deep Flutes 主要是一些低音的特殊长笛乐器,甚至包括一只尺八乐器。

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The Ultimate Virtual Flute Experience
With over 30 years of experience in sampling, Chris Hein is one of the best sample library producers.
Deep Flutes benefits from this expertise and convinces with a maximum of flexibility, an easy configurability, and a great practical use.
Experience unparalleled realism and expressiveness with Deep Flutes,
a meticulously crafted collection of rare and unique instruments designed to elevate your music production.
With approximately 5,000 samples per instrument, 49 articulations,
up to 16 dynamic layers, and a highly customizable user interface, Deep Flutes stands as the most detailed sampled deep flute collection available.​

Chris Hein 拥有 30 多年的采样经验,是最好的采样库制作人之一。
Deep Flutes 正是得益于他的这一经验,并以最大的灵活性、简单的可配置性和强大的实用性而令人折服。
Deep Flutes 是一款精心制作的稀有独特乐器合集,
Deep Flutes 每种乐器拥有约 5000 个采样、49 种发音技巧、
多达 16 个动态层以及高度可定制的用户界面,是目前最精密的 Deep Flutes 采样合集。


Bass Flute: Featuring 16,540 samples and 10GB of content, the Bass Flute offers up to 49 articulations and 16 dynamic layers.
Unlock a universe of possibilities with delicate sustains, flutter tongue, trills, harmonics, and powerful staccatos,
breathing life into your compositions with unparalleled authenticity.
ContraBass Flute: This instrument provides True Legato and Glide-Mode for every articulation, a Note-Head Designer with easy access to 72 attacks per note,
and 4 dynamic modes (Keyboard, X-Morph, Keyboard & X-Morph, Auto X-Morph).
Chris Hein - Deep Flutes empowers you to sculpt and shape your sound with precision,
offering features like subtle vibrato, dynamic control, and advanced customization options.
SubContraBass Flute: The SubContraBass Flute includes real-time blending controls for flutter tongue and trills, allowing for intricate sound manipulation.
Shakuhachi (Bonus): This bonus instrument comes with 10 built-in DSP effects, 2 independent Convolution Reverbs,
63 high-class impulse responses, and provides emotional sustains, riffs, and effects.​

Bass Flute:低音长笛拥有 16540 个采样和 10GB 内容,提供多达 49 种发音技巧和 16 个动态层。
ContraBass Flute:这款乐器为每个技巧提供了真实连奏和滑音模式,
Note-Head Designer 可轻松访问每个音符的 72 种起音演奏,
以及 4 种动态模式(键盘、X-Morph、键盘和 X-Morph、自动 X-Morph)。
Chris Hein - Deep Flutes 可让你精确地雕琢和塑造音色,
SubContraBass Flute:包括用于花舌和颤音的实时混音控制,可进行复杂的声音处理。
Shakuhachi(附赠): 这款额外的尺八乐器具有 10 种内置 DSP 效果、2 个独立的卷积混响、
63 个高级脉冲响应,并可提供动感的延音、反复和效果。

Additional Sounds
Pads & Drones: Create delicate, evolving, atmospheric sounds with flute-based pads and drones, as well as deep, resonant impacts.
Drum & Percussion: Access tons of flute-based percussive samples, playable percussions, grooves, and effects to add rhythmic elements to your compositions.​

Key Features
10GB of data, encompassing 16,540 samples.
Up to 49 articulations to capture every nuance of the performance.
Up to 16 dynamic layers for expressive depth.
Four dynamic modes - Keyboard, X-Morph, Keyboard & X-Morph, and Auto X-Morph - to suit various playing styles.
Includes 10 DSP effects, 2 convolution reverbs, and 63 impulse responses for rich soundscapes.
Intelligent Legato and Glide-Mode enable realistic runs and transitions.
Features like the Note-Head Designer, Hot-Keys, special noise controls, ensemble maker, micro-tuner, and adjustable fader settings provide extensive customization options.
Intelligent LFO-Vibrato, customizable Auto-Vibrato, and Key-Vibrato for nuanced expression.​

10GB 数据,包含 16540 个采样。
多达 49 种发音技巧,可捕捉演奏的每一个细微差别。
多达 16 个动态层,表现力更强。
四种动态模式:键盘、X-Morph、键盘和 X-Morph 以及自动 X-Morph,以适应各种演奏风格。
包括 10 种 DSP 效果、2 种卷积混响和 63 种脉冲响应,可提供丰富的音效。
Note-Head Designer、热键、特殊噪音控制、合奏制作器、微调器和可调的推子设置等功能提供了丰富的自定义选项。
智能 LFO 颤音、可定制的自动颤音和键位颤音可提供细致的表现力。
User Interface
The user interface is designed for both detailed customization and easy playability.
It holds a plethora of features across several pages to customize the sound and playability exactly as you want.
If you prefer not to edit, you can simply play and explore the pre-programmed Key-Switch presets ranging from A-1 to A#1 on the lower keys of your MIDI keyboard.​

如果你不想编辑,则只需在 MIDI 键盘的低音键上演奏和探索从 A-1 到 A#1 的预设键开关。
To achieve the feeling of a live performance, the user interface offers:
Four Dynamic Modes: To adapt to different playing styles.
Note-Head Designer: For creating unique attacks and articulations.
Key-Vibrato & Hot-Keys: For adding expressive control.
Articulation Presets: A revolutionary concept for realism.
Using the included TouchOSC Remote Controller for iDevices,
it is remarkably easy to control the instruments and create the most detailed, realistic woodwind tracks ever.​

Four Dynamic Modes: 适应不同的演奏风格。
Note-Head Designer:用于创建独特的起音和演奏技巧。
Key-Vibrato & Hot-Keys: 用于增加表现力控制。
Articulation Presets:革命性的逼真概念。
使用附带的 iDevice TouchOSC 远程控制器,
Realtime Control
There are many ways to control the various functions of Deep Flutes to achieve a convincing real-time performance. Options include:
Hardware Faders: For manual adjustments.
Breath Controller: For dynamic expression.
TouchOSC on iPad: A versatile choice for control.
Leap Motion - The only controller that enables intuitive control of multiple functions simultaneously.​

有许多方法可以控制 Deep Flutes 的各种功能,以实现令人惊叹的实时演奏。选项包括:
Hardware Faders硬件推子:用于手动调节。
Breath Controller 呼吸控制器:用于动态表现。
iPad 上的 TouchOSC: 多功能控制选择。
Leap Motion - 唯一可同时直观控制多种功能的控制器。
System Requirements
This product works with the free Native Instruments Kontakt Player
macOS 10.14 or higher 64 bit
Intel Core i5 or Apple M1 (native)
RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)
Windows 10 or higher 64 bit
Intel Core i5 or similar CPU
RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)
Supported Interfaces:
Mac (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX
Windows (64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AAX
Required Registration:
This product requires an activation!
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.​

本产品可在免费的 Native Instruments Kontakt Player 中使用
MacOS 10.14 或更高版本 64 位
英特尔 Core i5 或苹果 M1(原生)
内存: 4GB(建议 6GB)
Windows 10 或更高版本 64 位
英特尔 Core i5 或类似 CPU
内存:4GB(建议 6GB)
Mac(仅限 64 位): 独立运行、VST、VST3、AU、AAX
Windows(64 位):独立运行、VST、VST3、AAX


产品原价 189 美元,首发促销 139 美元。