Strezov Sampling 发布多样化史诗通鼓 KONTAKT 音色库 Toms X3M

一系列 Strezov Sampling X3M 系列打击乐音色库已经成为了制作史诗战鼓的优质工具,
现在,Toms X3M 加入进来,为这一系列的打击乐工具更是增加了史诗壮阔般的感觉!

Toms X3M.jpg

Contemporary hard hitting toms, surdos, field drums in solo
and various ensemble sizes processed for an out of the box epic experience.​



About Toms X3M
Toms have been the first and most used instruments for epic sounding percussion for decades.
Our Toms X3M take a contemporary approach to one of the most sampled drums by adding more depth
and colour to the recording process compared to other installments of the X3M Percussion range.​

关于 Toms X3M 通鼓音色库
作为最常被采样的鼓之一,Toms X3M 与其它 X3M 打击乐系列产品相比,
We went beyond traditional toms and also recorded surdos, field drums, solo drums, brushed drums solo
and in different ensemble sizes and combinations. Toms X3M is way more than just toms.​

Toms X3M 超越了传统的通鼓,还录制了索尔多鼓、战地鼓、独奏鼓、刷鼓独奏
以及不同合奏规模和组合。Toms X3M 远不止通鼓。


One of our main goals was to have consistent Round Robins captured for as many playing techniques as possible to allow writing fast,
but at the same time smooth and realistic sounding percussion arrangements.
To achieve that, we carefully edited every single sample of our up to 15 Round Robins manually
and did as many iterations as needed after extensively testing the articulations in a real life composing environment.​

为了实现这一点,我们仔细编辑了多达 15 个 采样循环的每一个采样,
The recordings took place in the Sofia Session Studio where
we also recorded the previous X3M libraries to allow smooth and easy layering.​

录音在 Sofia Session Studio 进行,
Strezov 还在那里录制了之前的 X3M 音色库,以实现简单和方便的音色分层。


The X3M Percussion Engine
The concept behind this engine is fairly simple – the keyboard range is divided into 12 zones that you are able to assign different sounds to.
After creating a template of your choosing just plug in and play – nothing else needed!
In addition to that the engine also allows you to tweak individual zones,
as well as the whole mapped ensemble patch with various effects and mic positions.
Combining these with the natural and organic recordings you have maximum flexibility when it comes to sound.​

X3M 打击乐引擎
该引擎背后的概念相当简单 - 键盘范围分为 12 个区域,可以为这些区域分配不同的声音。
创建你选择的模板后,只需插入即可演奏 - 无需其他操作!
Once you load up the X3M Ensemble Builder you automatically load all samples inside the “Samples” directory.
However, the instrument is built in such a way that it actually keeps all samples purged, unless you load them up into a zone.
This means that not only do you have a single patch with all types of percussion you might need,
but it is also optimized and doesn't hurt your RAM ressources in any way!​

加载 X3M Ensemble Builder 后,会自动加载 “Samples” 目录中的所有采样。


The recently updated X3M Engine also features Round Robin Selection
as well as Stereo Spread control for each microphone position.​

最新更新的 X3M 引擎还具有循环选择


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