Sonible 发布新一代专业智能均衡器插件 Smart EQ 4,并同时提供年终促销!

作为智能音频插件的代表品牌之一,Sonible 不断发布创新的 AI 工具,
本次,Sonible 旗下最著名的智能均衡更新到 smart:EQ 4,带来更多的音乐处理模式。


smart:EQ 4
smart:EQ 4 uses AI to correct spectral issues and achieve tonal balance.
This equalizer empowers you to approach a project from a mix’ perspective:
Intelligent cross-channel processing offers hierarchical control over multiple tracks
and enables you to get spectral mixing done via drag and drop.​

smart:EQ 4
smart:EQ 4 使用人工智能修正频谱问题,从而实现音色平衡。

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Intelligent cross-channel processing for spectral unmasking
AI-filter to automatically correct tonal imbalances
Dynamic EQing, mix profiles, reference track feature, auto gain..​

自动修正音色平衡的 AI 滤波器,


Keeping the mix context in mind – effortlessly
Unlike usual equalizers that leave the context of a mix out of any processing,
smart:EQ 4 lets you take control over multi-track unmasking processes easily
and get spectral mixing done by simple dragging and dropping up to 10 tracks.
This set priorities for each smart:filter, bringing some elements to the forefront of the sonic stage,
leaving some in the middle, and pushing some into the background.
Switching back and forth between instances is a thing of the past in this innovative tool –
any instance within the same group can be remotely controlled from any other instance.​

通常的均衡器在处理过程中会忽略混音背景,而 smart:EQ 4 则不同,
最多 10 个音轨同时显示,使得瞬间完成频谱混音。
所以 smart:filter 是有优先级的,一些元素会被处理到最前方,


AI-powered equalization for instant spectral balance
The centerpiece of smart:EQ 4 is the smart:filter –
it automatically balances the signal based on a target Profile you choose for your tracks.
The smart:filter within each EQ instance comes with a range of features
to adjust the AI-powered processing to your liking.
Open up the smart:filter widget to tweak the Smoothing parameter for gentler filtering
and turn up the Adaptive option to smooth out highly dynamic signals.
You can split the green weighting curve of the smart:filter and set a certain frequency range
to define where the intelligent algorithms should get to work.​

AI 技术助力实时频率平衡
smart:EQ 4 的核心是 smart:filter - 智能滤波器。
它能根据你为音轨选择的目标 Profile 自动平衡信号。
每个均衡器中的 smart:filter 都有一系列功能,
可根据你的喜好来调整 AI 处理效果。
打开 smart:filter widget,调整平滑参数以获得更柔和的滤波效果,
smart:EQ 4’s smart:filter can be used in three modes: 'Track' balances the channel;
'Group' doesn’t affect the channel but reduces masking between it and other group members;
'Track and Group' applies balancing to the channel and makes it subject to unmasking.​

smart:EQ 4 的 smart:filter 可以在三种模式下使用:“Track” 用来平衡音轨;
“Group” 不影响音轨音色,但可以减少与其他编组成员之间的掩蔽;
“Track and Group” "即可以对音轨进行平衡,也可以处理掩蔽。


Profiles for instruments, vocals and entire mixes
With each generation of smart:EQ, the range of available Profiles grew.
smart:EQ 4 sports instrument and vocal Profiles that you can use on single tracks or busses.
To give your mix a final spectral polish, use one of the genre-based profiles.
If you are chasing a certain sound, load up a reference track to create a custom profile
and have smart:EQ 4 emulate its spectral character and balance on your channel or buss.
By popular demand, now you can even specify the maximum learning time
that smart:EQ 4 should use to analyze the input signal.​

每一代 smart:EQ 的预设文件数量都在不断增加。
smart:EQ 4 支持各种乐器和人声预设,并可用于单轨或总线。
并让 smart:EQ 4 在你的音轨或总线上模拟其频谱特性和平衡效果。
也即 Smart:EQ 4 分析输入信号的最长学习时间。


All the features you need for expert tweaking
smart:EQ 4 is a highly versatile EQ that has got you covered
with every feature you would expect from a pro-grade equalizer.
In addition to the smart:filter, smart:EQ 4’s standard EQ bands sport dynamic behavior,
offering a Dynamic Filter Widget with familiar compressor-like controls.
These Standard EQ bands can be used alongside
or instead of the main smart:filter bands for any instance of smart:EQ 4.
There is also an Auto Gain Feature to compensate for level changes,
comprehensive Mid-Side processing and an analyzer feature
that not only shows you the track at hand but all instances that are in the same group.​

smart:EQ 4 是一款高度通用的均衡器,它拥有专业级均衡器所应具备的所有功能。
除了 smart:filter 之外,smart:EQ 4 的标准均衡器频段还具有动态行为,
也可以代替 smart:EQ 4 的 smart:filter 主频段。
以及全面的 MS 处理和分析功能,


smart:EQ 4
smart:EQ 4 helps you to achieve the right balance for your tracks and mixes –incredibly fast and easy.
You own smart:EQ 3? Log into you user account and check out your upgrade deal.​

smart:EQ 4
smart:EQ 4 可助你实现音轨和混音的平衡,效率令人难以置信,
已经拥有 smart:EQ 3 的用户,咨询飞来音电脑音乐技术客服查询升级优惠。
system requirements
PC Windows 10 (64 bit)
Mac OSX 10.14+
CPU Intel Core (i5), Apple Silicon
GPU OpenGL Version 3.2+
plug-in formats (Mac) VST, VST3, AU, AAX
plug-in formats (Windows) VST, VST3, AAX
supported sample rates 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz
Authorization machine-based or iLok​

PC Windows 10(64 位)
MacOSX 10.14+
Intel Core(i5),Apple Silicon
OpenGL 3.2+
Mac 插件格式:VST、VST3、AU、AAX
Win 插件格式:VST、VST3、AAX
采样率支持 44.1kHz 到 192 kHz
使用 iLok 机器或加密狗激活


正常价格 129 欧元,1月20日之前首发促销 89 欧元,
拥有 Smart EQ 3 的用户升级为 29 欧元,
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此外,在12月31日前,Sonible 全场产品还在进行年终促销:

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