Soundiron 发布 Hopkin Instrumentarium 特殊拨弦乐器音源 Weighted Strings

Soundiron 联合一位制琴大师 Hopkin 对他制作的独特乐器进行了一系列的采样,
Weighted Strings 是 Hopkin 打造的拨弦乐器组合:类似古筝和竖琴的特殊乐器。

Hopkin Weighted Strings.jpg

Weighted Strings is a set of two amazing custom creations from the mind of master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin:
The Weighted Lyre and Weighted Zither.
These handcrafted experimental instruments use small weights on the strings to alter overtone relationships and create unusual, beautiful sounds.
Made of wood and metal, they have a richly acoustic essence that resounds brightly through each plucked note.​

Weighted Strings 是乐器发明大师巴特·霍普金 (Bart Hopkin) 的两件令人惊叹的定制作品:
Weighted Lyre 和 Weighted Zither。


The Lyre has 17 main strings, as well as three additional strings that run over a narrow neck and can be fretted.
The weights on the Lyre strings are carefully placed to prominently bring out an octave overtone.
The Zither has 34 chromatically tuned main strings. Unlike the Lyre,
the weights on these strings are not placed to bring out any particular overtones.
As a result, the overtone recipes are highly inharmonic and random,
varying from string to string, with highly inharmonic tone qualities.​

Weighted Lyre 有 17 根主弦,以及 3 根额外的琴弦,它们穿过狭窄的琴颈并可以按动。
Weighted Lyre 琴弦上的配重经过精心放置,可突出地发出八度泛音。
Weighted Zither 有 34 根半音阶主弦。 与 Weighted Lyre 不同,


We've faithfully sampled every interesting sound we could get out of these instruments,
with three stereo mic positions: Close, Room, & Contact.
We've also included a wide selection of custom FX presets and plenty of our signature sound-designed ambient content,
crafted from the raw acoustic source to give you complete creative freedom.​

Soundiron 忠实地采样了从这些乐器中可以得到的每一个有趣的声音,
Soundiron 还提供了多种自定义效果预设和大量标志性的声音设计氛围,


Bart Hopkin has been active in many facets of music-making,
including instrument building, performing and recording, composition, arrangement, education, and ethnomusicological research.
Bart is also an established author, with ten books published on the subjects of instrument design and optimization.​

巴特·霍普金(Bart Hopkin)一直活跃于音乐创作的许多方面,
Bart 也是一位知名作家,出版了十本关于乐器设计和优化主题的书籍。
Since 1974, Bart has been designing and constructing all the far-flung musical instruments he could dream up,
with an emphasis on unusual and inventive acoustic art.
The Hopkin Instrumentarium now has over 110 original creations and continues to grow every year.
Soundiron is proud to bring you this inspiring
and distinctive series of bespoke instruments not found anywhere else on earth.​

自 1974 年以来,巴特一直在设计和制造他能梦想到的所有遥远的乐器,
Hopkin 乐器馆现已拥有超过 110 件原创作品,并且每年都在持续增长。
Soundiron 很荣幸为您带来这一系列令人振奋且独特的定制乐器,


Product Specs
Weighted Lyre & Zither plucks, glisses, harmonics, SFX in three mic positions: Close, Room, Contact
20 ambient pads and evolving drones created from the source content
22 Powerful Kontakt .nki instrument presets
9,204 stereo samples in unlocked .WAV format
23.4 GB Installed
Made for the full retail version of Kontakt (version 6.2.2+)​

Weighted Lyre 和 Zither 在近场、房间和内置三个麦克风位置上弹奏、滑音、和声、效果
根据源内容创建的 20 个环境铺底和不断发展的氛围音效
22 个强大的 Kontakt .nki 乐器预设
9204 个未加密的 .WAV 格式的立体声采样
安装后大小 23.4 GB
需要 Kontakt 完整零售版(版本 6.2.2+)来读取


正常价格 39 美元,首发促销 29 美元,