淳朴而神秘:MNTRA Instruments 带来越南北部文化沉浸式音源 Ha Noi

这家奇怪(但很强)的音源厂 MNTRA Instruments 又为我们带来了全新的乐器,
这次的 Ha Noi 是一款来自越南首都河内市周围的沉浸式音源,包括鼓、乐器、声景等。

Ha Noi.jpg

Sound of Northern Vietnam
Introducing Ha Noi, an ode to the magic of Vietnam’s capital city.
This project is the outcome of an immersive creative residency in Vietnam,
undertaken by our gifted in-house sound and visual designer, Noah Sherrin.
Leveraging the transformative power of our MNDALA 2 engine,
these already-vivid sounds have been artistically reinterpreted
and reshaped into a multitude of new forms.​

Ha Noi,它是一首赞美越南首都魔力的赞歌。
该音源由 MNTRA 团队的声音和视觉设计师天才 Noah Sherrin 开发,
通过 MNDALA 2 引擎的创新之力,
We were graced by the talents of top-tier,
local musicians who contributed characteristic sounds and expressive performances,
drawing from time-honored traditions and innovative contemporary techniques.
With 6 categories, Ha Noi includes over 80 presets,
43 Instrument sample maps and 14 soundscape sample maps
that invite you into the soundworld of this special city.​

MNTRA Instruments 由顶级人才加持,
该音源有 6 个类别,包括超过 80 个预设,
43 个乐器采样映射和 14 个声景采样映射,
有了 Ha Noi,你就可以遨游在河内这座特别城市的声音世界之中。


The Story of Ha Noi
The Perform View artwork flow’s from the story of Hoan Kiem Lake,
or The Lake of the Restored Sword, in the center of Hanoi’s Old Quarter.
The story says a fisherman once came across a large shiny blade
while casting his net in the lake and gifted it to a rebel leader named Lê Lợi.
The sword gave Lê Lợi and his army immense strength, enabling them to defeat their enemies.​

Ha Noi 的故事
音源表演界面中的图片来自 Hoan Kiem Lake 的故事,
他撒网将其捞起,并送给了一位名叫 Lê Lợi 的叛军领袖。
利剑使得 Lê Lợi 的军队实力大增,拥有了战胜敌人的强大能力。
After the war was won, Lê Lợi, now emperor,
was taking a boat ride on the lake when the Golden Turtle God, Kim Qui came up
and asked him to return it to his master the Dragon Lord Long Quân.
Grateful for the strength the sword had given him,
Lê Lợi returned the sword to the Golden Turtle
who took it in his mouth and swam down into the lake.
Some say you can still see the shiny reflection of the sword at the bottom of the lake.
Depicted in the style of a Đông Sơn drum,
massive ornamental bronze drums crafted by people of the Đông Sơn culture,
the story is told through abstract drawings and geometric patterns in concentric circles.​

战争胜利后,Lê Lợi 成为了皇帝,
他在湖面上架船游览时,突然出现一只叫做 Kim Qui 的金钱龟,
告诉他应将此剑归还其主龙王 Long Quân。
于是 Lê Lợi 照做,将宝剑送与金钱龟,
于是 Ha Noi 便以 Đông Sơn 鼓的风格进行绘制,
这是一种 Đông Sơn 文化中巨大的装饰铜鼓形象,


Leveraging the transformative power of our MNDALA 2 engine,
these already-vivid sounds have been artistically reinterpreted
and reshaped into a multitude of new forms.
This creative endeavor presents a dynamic palette brimming with a myriad of sonic-colors that reflect Hanoi,
including not only instruments but also soundscapes captured throughout Northern Vietnam.​

由于借助了 MNDALA 2 引擎的强大力量,
With Ha Noi, you are invited into the soundworld of this special city.
Ha Noi tells a rich tale of heritage and innovation
that resonates with the heartbeat of a city in motion.​

通过 Ha Noi,你将进入这个独特城市的声音世界。


What's Inside?​

Ha Noi 包含的内容
Ca Trù Voice (Long, Broken)
Vocal techniques in the Ca trù musical tradition.
Ca trù is an ancient form of musical storytelling featuring a female vocalist,
often accompanied by a Đàn đáy player, and involving the interaction of the spectator.
Played by: Vu Thi Thủy Linh​

Ca Trù Voice (Long, Broken)
在 Ca trù 音乐文化中的传统演唱技巧,
经常伴有 Đàn đáy 演奏,并会和观众产生互动。
演奏者:Vu Thi Thủy Linh
Đàn Tranh (Bend 1, Bend 2, Bend 3, Bend Up, Bend Down, Tremolo, Vibrato)
The Đàn tranh is a plucked zither with a long soundbox and many strings (14-25).
These kinds of bends are characteristic to the emotional quality of the instrument.
Played by: My Chin​

Đàn Tranh(弯音1、弯音2、弯音3、向上弯音、向下弯音、震音、颤音)
Đàn tranh 是一种弹拨齐特琴,具有长声腔和较多的琴弦(14-25根)。
演奏者:My Chin
Đàn Nhị (Straight, Straight Hard, Glissando)
The Đàn nhị is a two-stringed bowed string instrument.
The instrument’s small tubular body is often covered by snakeskin.
This highly expressive instrument often carries the melodies of traditional Vietnamese music.
Played by: Ngô Thái Sơn​

Đàn Nhị(直接演奏、直接大力演奏、滑奏)
Đàn Nhị 是一种两弦弓弦乐器。
演奏者:Ngô Thái Sơn
Electric Đàn Bầu (Straight, Vibrato, Bend Up)
The Đàn bầu is a one-string zither and is essential to Vietnamese folk music,
but also commonly employed in pop and rock.
It is played by striking harmonics and bending them with a lever.
Here it’s plugged into a megaphone amplifier.
Played by: Ngô Tra My​

电子 Đàn Bầu(直接演奏,颤音,向上弯音)
Đàn Bầu 是一种单弦齐特琴,是越南民谣不可或缺的成分,
演奏者: Ngô Tra My
Đàn Đáy
The Đàn đáy is a plucked 3-string lute with silk or nylon strings.
It is commonly used as an accompanying instrument in Ca trù music.
Played by: Pham Dinh Hoang​

Đàn Đáy
Đàn Đáy 是一种三弦琉特琴,材质为丝线或尼龙。
它一般用于 Ca trù 音乐中的伴奏乐器。
演奏者:Pham Dinh Hoang
Trong Ban (Regular, Hand Hit, Flam)
A large traditional hand drum played with a stick or hand.
Played by: Le Quỳnh Trang​

Trong Ban(常规技法、手敲、Flam 装饰)
Trong Ban 是一种通过鼓棒或手打的传统大型手鼓乐器。
演奏者:Le Quỳnh Trang
Chèo Drum (Regular, Bounce, Flam, Side)
A small drum that serves as the rhythmic backbone for Chèo,
a type of satirical musical folk theatre from northern Vietnam.
Played by: Le Quỳnh Trang​

Chèo Drum(常规演奏、跳奏、Flam 装饰、侧边演奏)
这是一种给 Chèo 提供节奏支撑的小鼓乐器,
演奏者:Le Quỳnh Trang
Drum Set (Low, Mid, High, Double)
Group of drums from a traditional Vietnamese drum set,
precursor to the modern trap drum kit.
Played by: Le Quỳnh Trang​

Drum Set 套鼓(低频、中频、高频、双重演奏)
Drum Set 是一套传统的越南鼓,
属于现代 Trap 音乐鼓组的先锋。
演奏者:Le Quỳnh Trang
Pitched Percussion
T’rưng (High, Low, Muted)
The T’rưng is a bamboo xylophone
used by the Jarai and Bahnar ethnic groups in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.
Played by: Vu Thi Thủy Linh​

T’rưng 是一种竹制木琴,
由越南中央高地的少数民族 Jarai 和 Bahnar 使用。
演奏者:Vu Thi Thủy Linh
Sáo Mèo (Large Vibrato Fast, Large Vibrato Slow, Small Double Tongue 1, Small Double Tongue 2, Small Double Tongue 3)
The Sáo Mèo is a bamboo free reed wind instrument
used by the H’mong ethnic group of northern Vietnam.
Often two larger and smaller (male and female) pipes are coupled together
to facilitate a wider range and tonal contrast.
Played by: Nguyen Hai An​

Sáo Mèo(快速大颤音、慢速大颤音、小型双舌 1、小型双舌 2、小型双舌 3)
Sáo Mèo 是一种竹制的自由簧片木管乐器,
在越南北部的 H’mong 民族使用较多。
演奏者:Nguyen Hai An
Sáo Bâu (Drone, Short, Straight)
The Sáo Bâu is a free-reed wind instrument.
It has a gourd wind chest with a center playing pipe and two outer drone pipes.
Played by: Nguyen Hai An​

Sáo Bâu(氛围低沉长音、短音、直接演奏)
Sáo Bâu 是一种自由簧片的木管乐器。
演奏者:Nguyen Hai An
Tiêu (Double Tongue, Flutter, Overblown)
The Tiêu is a large vertically played bamboo flute.
Played by: Nguyen Hai An​

Tiêu 是一种竖向演奏的大型竹笛乐器。
演奏者: Nguyen Hai An
Sáo Trúc (Straight, Vibrato)
The Sáo trúc is a small bamboo flute with six or ten fingerholes
that is often called the ‘voice of Vietnam’.
Played by: Nguyen Hai An​

Sáo Trúc(直接演奏、颤音)
Sáo Trúc 是一种小型竹笛,有 6 或 10 个指洞,
通常被称为 “越南之声”。
演奏者:Nguyen Hai An


FX (Soundscapes original and effected)
Hanoi Ambiences – Birds
Urban wildlife recorded in central Hanoi with an LCR microphone array.
Ran through an extensive chain of creative processing.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 鸟叫
在河内在中心用 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的城市野生动物之声。
Hanoi Ambiences – Fan
Recording of an oscillating fan with an LCR microphone array.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 风扇
通过 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的一台震动的风扇。
Hanoi Ambiences – Traffic
Hanoi’s infamous traffic recorded with an LCR microphone array.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 交通
通过 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的著名河内交通之声。
Hanoi Ambiences – Light Rain
Light summer rain captured in Hanoi’s old quarter with an LCR microphone array.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 小雨
通过 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的河内老城区夏季小雨。
Hanoi Ambiences – Med Rain
The beginning of a monsoon recorded near the Temple of Literature in Hanoi with an LCR microphone array.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 中雨
通过 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的河内文庙附近的初始雨季。
Ninh Binh Ambiences – Heavy Rain
A heavy rainstorm on a lotus field in Ninh Binh, a small city on the Red River, captured with an LCR microphone array.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 暴雨
通过 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的红河小城宁平市荷花地暴雨。
Ninh Binh Ambiences – Traffic Rain
Rain and background traffic in Ninh Binh, a small city on the Red River, captured with an LCR microphone array.​

Hanoi Ambiences - 雨中交通
通过 LCR 麦克风阵列录制的红河小城宁平市的雨天和背景交通。


Technical Specifications
Samples Recorded at 32-bit, and 384 kHz and 192 kHz ultrasonic resolution
VST3 / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.11+) including full M1 Chip support
No fuss copy protection, simply install and the instrument is uniquely encrypted to be used within your system
Seamless downloads, updates, and installation within MNDALA 2 with a registered Mntra account
57 sample maps
4 GB installed, 8 GB recommended for setup​

采样以 32 位深度录制,支持 384 kHz 和 192 kHz 超高清采样率
包含 VST3/AU 插件,支持 Win 和 Mac,支持 M1
通过 MNTRA 账号在 MNDALA 2 中无缝下载、升级、安装
57 个采样映射
4GB 安装大小,建议硬盘预留 8GB 空间
System Requirements
Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required
Supported by all 64-bit VST3/AU compatible DAW’s*
Mixcraft 9 not supported
Mixcraft 9 Pro is not supported​

最低 8GB RAM,需要 i5 及以上 CPU
支持所有兼容 VST3/AU 的 64 位宿主软件
不支持 Mixcraft 9
不支持 Mixcraft 9 Pro


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