Audiothing 发布复古 BBD 建模的回声效果器插件 Mantis

BBD 是一款非常经典的回声延迟效果器,甚至可以说是一种回声模式:BBD 回声风格!
Audiothing 这次将 BBD 进行全面解析,并打造了这款经典设备的插件版本:Mantis(螳螂)。


Uncommon, Vintage, BBD
Mantis is a plugin that emulates a rare BBD (bucket-brigade device) delay/echo unit of the 70s, faithfully recreating its warm and analog sound.​

不同寻常,复古神器 BBD
Mantis 是一个模拟 70 年代罕见的 BBD(线性延迟设备)延迟/回声硬件的建模插件,忠实地再现了其温暖的模拟声音。
As the original unit, Mantis features an echo section with four taps and four swell selectors.
It also features the rotafaze section, a modulation that can mimic the wow/flutter of a tape echo or turn the unit into a unique chorus-delay.​

对于原始硬件来说,Mantis 的回声结构具有带四个延迟点和四个扩散选择。


The Mantis has eight TDA1022 chips, often associated with shorter and more precise delay, these chips are perfect for organic analog slap-back echo.
The base delay time is fixed on the hardware, but in the plugin in “vintage” mode, the base delay can be set in the range of 0.512ms up to 51.2ms (as each chip has 512 stages).
In a BBD circuit, the frequency response changes depending on the base delay: brighter at faster rates, and darker at slower rates.
To avoid these limitations, we also included a “modern” mode, which allows a base delay of up to 1sec (free) that is also syncable to the Host/DAW tempo.​

Mantis 有八个 TDA1022 芯片,通常与更短和更精确的延迟相关联,这些芯片非常适合人性化的模拟回声。
基本延迟时间在硬件上是固定的,但在 “vintage” 复古模式的插件中,基本延迟可以设置在 0.512ms 到 51.2ms 的范围内(因为每个芯片有 512 个阶段)。
在 BBD 电路中,频率响应根据基础延迟点而变化:速率越快越亮,速率越慢越暗。
为了避免这些限制,我们还加入了一个 “modern” 现代模式,它可以达到最多 1 秒(主观感受)的基本延迟,也可以与宿主/ DAW 速度同步。
Carlsbro Mantis
Built in the early 70s, the Carlsbro Mantis was probably one of the early, but less common, commercial BBD echo/delay units.
As with many BBD echo/delays, it has a warm and distinctive dark sound.​

Carlsbro Mantis 建于 70 年代初期,可能是早期但不太常见的商业 BBD 回声/延迟设备之一。
与许多 BBD 回声/延迟一样,它具有温暖而独特的黑暗声音。
BBD-based delays were a good alternative to the bulky and fragile tape echoes, although with several limitations.​

基于 BBD 的延迟是庞大而脆弱的磁带回声的一个很好的替代方案,尽管有一些限制。
The Mantis had the delay time fixed, but it was possible to adjust it by opening and tuning each BBD trimmer.
It was also quite noisy, especially when using all the taps and swells.​

Mantis 的延迟时间是固定的,但可以通过打开和调整每个 BBD 微调器来调整它。


BBD Chips
The BBD (bucket-brigade device) technology was developed by F. Sangster and K. Teer of the Philips Research Labs in 1969.​

BBD 芯片
BBD(线性延迟)技术由飞利浦研究实验室的 F. Sangster 和 K. Teer 于 1969 年开发。
BBDs are essentially a series of capacitors that pass an analog signal down a chain in discrete steps,
like a bucket brigade passing buckets of water.​

BBD 本质上是一系列电容器,它们以离散的步骤将模拟信号沿链路传递,
The clock rate (base delay) determines the rate at which the signal is passed down the chain of capacitors.
Capacitors are not perfect and can experience some leakage.
This results in a gradual loss of information as each new capacitor in the chain receives slightly less signal than the previous one.
As a result, longer delay times on these devices can cause the signal to become distorted and darker with each repetition.​



Analog Modelled BBD Echo Delay
4 Taps, 4 Swell
Vintage and Modern modes
Rotafaze Modulation
Resizable Window
Preset system with randomizer​

模拟建模 BBD 回声延迟
4 个拍点,4 个扩散

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