Leapwing Audio 发布 Joe Chiccarelli 大师同款签名效果插件

Leapwing Audio 迎来了大师签名系列的第二款作品,来自于传奇大师 Joe Chiccarelli 的同名效果器插件。
Joe Chiccarelli 插件为你带来了 Joe Chiccarelli 大师在摇滚领域处理声音的独特效果,这一切都在一个简单易用的插件中复现。

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Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plugin
Capturing the signature sound of multi-award-winning engineer and producer Joe Chiccarelli.​

Joe Chiccarelli(乔·奇卡雷利)签名插件
提供屡获殊荣的工程师和制作人 Joe Chiccarelli 的标志性声音。
Rock & Roll with Joe Chiccarelli
We are proud to announce our second plugin in the Signature Series, developed with producer/engineer Joe Chiccarelli.
After going through the process successfully with the late Al Schmitt, we found ourselves a new challenge, as Joe uses much more processing to get his signature sound.
We had to research and analyze even more pieces of gear, from EQs, pre-amps to compressors, distortion units, reverbs, and several other effects.
We then used the outcomes of the research and analysis to create distinctive features that define his unique sound.​

乔·奇卡雷利 (Joe Chiccarelli) 的摇滚乐
我们很自豪地宣布我们在 Signature 系列中的第二个插件,由制作人/工程师 Joe Chiccarelli 开发。
在与已故的 Al Schmitt 成功完成合作后,我们发现自己面临新的挑战,因为 Joe 动用了更多的处理来获得他的标志性声音。
The Joe Chiccarelli signature plugin has 11 distinct profiles:
kick, snare, toms, drum overhead, drum room, bass di, bass amp, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric piano, and lead vocal.
Each profile has a set of parameters controlling drive, EQs, compression, parallel compression, and effects.
Distilled to the right amount of control, conceived to get your sound instantly.​

Joe Chiccarelli 签名插件有 11 种不同的预置文件:


Signature sound
Having analyzed countless of records, as well as Joe’s workflow and gear,
we worked meticulously to recreate his signature sound.​

在分析了无数张唱片以及 Joe 的工作流程和设备后,
11 unique profiles
Kick, snare, toms, drum overhead, drum room, bass di, bass amp, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric piano,
and lead vocal, each individually tuned with their own parameters.​

11 个独特的大师音色
Beautiful Design with optimal workflow
Beautiful Retina design with most common controls on one screen
and a complete range of fine adjustments only a click away​

精美的 Retina 设计,在一个屏幕上提供最常用的参数,
Wide Compatibility
Available on Mac OSX (10.13 +) (M1-Native),
Windows 8, 10 (64-bit only) in AAX-Native, VST3 and AU​

支持 AAX-Native、VST3 和 AU 在 Mac OSX (10.13 +) (M1-Native)、
Windows 8、10(仅限 64 位)


A signature sound that inspires creativity
More about Joe
Joe Chiccarelli is a ten-time Grammy and Latin Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer
whose credits include such artists as Tori Amos, Beck, U2, The Strokes, The Killers, Elton John, The Shins, The White Stripes, Morrissey,
Alanis Morrisette, Jason Mraz, Juanes, Julieta Venegas, The Raconteurs, Cafe Tacuba, and My Morning Jacket.​

更多关于 Joe Chiccarelli
Joe Chiccarelli 是十次获得格莱美和拉丁格莱美奖的制作人/工程师/混音师,
其作品包括 Tori Amos、Beck、U2、The Strokes、The Killers、Elton John、The Shins、The White Stripes、Morrissey、
Alanis Morrisette、Jason Mraz、Juanes、Julieta Venegas、The Raconteurs、Cafe Tacuba 和 My Morning Jacket。
What Joe has to say
"Over the last few years, every plugin I've opened designed by Leapwing has become a go-to-favourite".
"Their ideas are unconventional but so useful, and the attention to quality and detail is quite impressive!"
"I designed this plugin as a starting point for crafting great-sounding ‘album quality’ sounds.
When you are looking to build a new sound in your recording or finish one in a mix, this plugin serves as a perfect foundation."​

Joe Chiccarelli 不得不说
“在过去的几年里,我打开的每个由 Leapwing 设计的插件都成为了我的最爱”。


Quick and intuitive interface
It looks good and it sounds good,
because we were thinking of you when we designed it.​


正常价格 149 欧元,10月4日之前首发促销 99 欧元。