Shreddage 3 Archtop

Sadowsky Jim Hall 空心电吉他音色库
Shreddage 3 Archtop
Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 3 Archtop | 声音冲击者 - Sadowsky Jim Hall Archtop 空心电吉他音色库

Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar is now Shreddage 3 Archtop! Now upgraded to the cutting-edge S3 Engine with better performances, editing, and FX!
Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar 已变身 Shreddage 3 Archtop! 现在升级到具有更好性能、功能和效果的尖端 S3 引擎!

A supremely versatile hollowbody 6-string electric guitar, perfectly suited for clean & amped playing and great for jazz, blues, R&B, funk, pop + more.
一款用途全面的空心 6 弦电吉他,非常适合清音和搭配放大器演奏,特别适合爵士、蓝调、R&B、放克、流行等。

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Product Introduction 产品介绍​


Shreddage 3 Archtop takes our incredibly popular Archtop:
Hollowbody Electric Guitar instrument and upgrades it to our cutting-edge S3 engine,
adding brand-new samples along the way!
The original instrument, featuring a six-string Sadowsky Jim Hall model with dual pickups,
was favored by thousands of composers, producers, and bands for its playability and smooth tone.
Now, you can enjoy these incredible samples with even better performance playback, strumming, articulation mapping, and tone options!


Shreddage 3 Archtop was performed by master session musician Josh Workman, who brought detail and nuance to every note.
Each sample was cleanly recorded DI through a true analog signal chain for maximum warmth,
making this guitar equally usable in both amped and clean contexts.
While it is more than capable of hi-gain styles,
Shreddage 3 Archtop truly excels with cleaner tones and genres like jazz, fusion, pop, alt rock, blues, funk, and R&B.


Now, with the S3 engine, you can use the included Console FX rack and mixer to process and amp the instrument with no external plugins needed.
Just choose from our dozens of included presets and you’re ready to play! All the articulations from the original instruments are here,
and can be mapped or triggered however you want using Total Articulation Control Technology 2.0 (TACT).
There are more ways to tweak and play these articulations than ever:
dynamic layer and mute level adjustments, per-articulation velocity to volume, Strum Mode, and much more.


Welcome to the next generation of virtual guitar instruments!​


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